Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet the Jetsons

The house was quiet. It was almost always quiet now. Her children were gone, attending schools on different planets. They would call every week, asking their parents for money or just to let them know how they were doing, but to Jane Jetson, it wasn't the same.

She didn't have anyone for company besides Rosie, the robot maid, and even though the mechanical marvel had a wonderful personality, Jane missed having her children in the house. She found herself walking by their rooms everyday, picturing them in her mind's eye as they had been as kids. She could still imagine Elroy as he had been, studious and rambunctious. She smiled as she thought of the scattered toys and electronic components that used to be strewn from one end of the room to the other. Now there were spaceball trophies on the shelves, along with a lingerie calendar and several posters of nearly nude women on the walls. It wasn't the room of a small boy anymore. It was the room of a young man.

Elroy was twenty-one and a senior at the University of Mars. He was captain of the university's spaceball team, and if things went as planned, he would be graduating Magna Cum Laude at the end of the year. She sighed as she thought of how much he had changed over the years.

He was no longer the shy, insecure little boy who had gone off to college. He was well over six feet tall, and the hours spent playing on the anti-grav field showed in his physique. She knew that her little boy was probably having the time of his life at the university, and probably with any number of girls from the various sororities or maybe even a female member of the teaching staff. Just the thought of her son pleasuring any of those wanton women sent chills down Jane's spine.

Closing the door, Jane walked across the hall to her daughter's room. Judy was living and working on Mars as well. She had never applied herself to her studies as much as she should have, but after graduating from high school, she had been accepted into the design school of her choice, where she excelled. Now, people paid a small fortune for the hot young designer's creations.

Judy had always been the fashion bug of the family. Clothes were her life, and she had even worked as a model for a time while she was in school. Jane had never seen any of her work, but she knew it helped pay for her tuition, so she never pressed the issue.

Judy was cut from the same mold as her mother, except for her platinum blond hair. Her breasts were full and firm, her abdomen taut, her ass well-rounded, and she had legs "that went on for days." Jane knew that Judy had been a very socially active girl in school, and she thought she definitely knew why. She had a body built for sin and knew how to use it.

Jane smiled at that thought. If Judy were anything like her, Jane knew her daughter had not left for school a virgin. Jane was blessed with a very high sex-drive; she needed it constantly, like a junkie needing a designer drug. Thanks to her still beautiful body, that had never been a problem.

Jane smiled as she looked at herself in her daughter's full-length mirror. At the age of forty-two, she could still pass for a woman nearly half her age. Her hair was still free of the grey that had begun taking over her husband's hair. There were no liver spots on her creamy skin or wrinkles at the corner of her eyes or mouth. She was still gorgeous, still desirable.

Feeling more than a little naughty, Jane decided to go through some of the clothes that her daughter left in the house for when she was home on vacation. She went through the lingerie drawer, blushing as she found more than enough articles of lacy underwear: corsets, bras, thongs, bustier, garter belts, and stockings of every color and design. There were even some made out of shiny black vinyl.

George was in for a surprise tonight, she thought to herself as she began to strip off her favorite dress and plain under things. Once nude, she again admired herself in the mirror. She cupped her full breasts, teasing the pink nipples with her thumbs until they were stiff with desire. Then she began to slowly slide her hand down over her belly, to her hairless pussy. She smiled as she remembered George's reaction when he had found her thick patch of auburn curls gone, leaving her dripping slit bare for his enjoyment; she had never let it grow back. Tonight was going to be another night to remember in their twenty-seven year marriage.

Jane chose her garments carefully. She found a black lace bra that was cut to leave half the nipples exposed as well as matching garter belt. She added black fishnet stockings to the ensemble, but the crown jewel of the outfit was the black crotchless panties. Jane felt so deliciously wicked as she looked at herself in the mirror, but there was something missing.

Smiling, Jane went through the various cosmetics and found a lipstick so dark a red it was almost black. Once her full lips were painted, she did her eyes, and gave herself a beauty mark. Her hair she pulled up into two pigtails, giving herself a much younger, but naughtier look. She smiled at the transformation and could barely recognize herself in the mirror. From the closet she chose a pleated miniskirt with a white silk top, which she tied below her breasts. Then she finished it off with thigh-high synthetic leather boots. She knew she could pass for one of her daughter's friends, but she didn't know what it was going to lead to.

As she was pulling the zipper up on the second boot, she heard the phone beeping in the living room. She almost took her hair down, but decided against it because of how young it made her feel. "Oh well," she sighed, "there goes my surprise." She thought it was George calling her, boy was she ever wrong.

When she hit the button, instead of her husband's loving face, she saw the belligerent balding head of Seymour Spacely, of Spacely Sprockets, Inc., her husband's boss. The little man looked ready to bite through his cigar. Something must have gone wrong at the plant, and Mr. Spacely was not happy about it.

"Is Mrs. Jetson there?" he asked, his voice at a barely restrained level.

"He must think I'm one of the kids' friends," Jane thought to herself. She may be able to turn this to her advantage.

"No she isn't, but I'd be happy to take a message for her," Jane lied sweetly.

"Tell her to have that no-good husband of hers at the spaceport no later than eight o'clock tonight. You can also tell George that if he screws up this deal, he'd be better of staying there, because there won't be a place for him in this company. You got all that..."

Thinking fast Jane filled in the blank, "I'm Suzy. Mrs. Jetson is my aunt."

Smiling smugly, the little man chomped on the butt of the cigar. "Well, it's good to see that you take after your aunt and not your uncle. You be sure to pass on that information." Then the screen went black.

Jane felt her skin crawl as she thought of the shameless way that the married businessman had leered at her. She shook her head to clear the disturbing image that filled her imagination. Well, if Mr. Spacely was that upset, then she knew her husband would be in need of some tension relief when he walked through the door, and she had an idea of what might do the trick.

She and George had always had a good sex-life, and since the kids no longer lived at home, they had made some small alterations to the home that suited their desires. The dimming lights had come standard with the house, but the stripper pole that hid itself in the floor until needed was a new addition. So was the sex swing that descended from the ceiling at the push of a button.

Smiling she pushed the button that made the pole emerge from its hiding place and dimmed the lights to a romantic level. Then she walked over to the window and hit the button that would lower the metal shades so that tonight's fun would be private and not for some peeping tom to enjoy as well. For music she picked one of her daughter's favorite clubbing songs because of its hard beat that suggested a slow nasty grind. That was Jane's favorite kind.

Looking at the clock on the wall, Jane knew it was only a matter of time before her husband was home, and the anticipation was keeping her lustful fires burning. She smiled as she heard the door sliding open, but it was only Rosie, the faithful maid.

"What are you doing here? Where's Mrs. J?" the robot accused.

"Music, off." the music stopped instantly and Jane sighed. "It's me, Rosie. I was waiting for George."

"I ran into Mr. J at the fueling station. He said he had to go out of town, and since I had his clothes from the dry cleaners there in the car, he took it and said that he was going to catch the first flight out so he could get started on this deal he's working on. He told me to tell you that he'd call as soon as he checked into the hotel."

Jane knew that George loved her, but the fact that he hadn't even been able to come home to kiss her goodbye before he left still hurt. She could feel the tears beginning to burn in her eyes. So much for their anniversary weekend.

"You want me to make dinner, Mrs. J?"

"No, Rosie, I think I'll be all right by myself this weekend. Why don't you take the weekend off, and spend some time in the maintenance spa. You deserve some free time after all you've done for the Jetsons." Jane tried to smile but she didn't feel it.

"I'm going to go and put some things away, Rosie. Make sure that you lock the door on your way out." Sighing, Jane trudged her way back down the hall and into her daughter's room where she pulled off the shirt and unzipped the pleated skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She was just about to unclasp the black bra when she noticed a tablet computer in the drawer.

She knew that her daughter had kept a video journal when she was younger and that she should leave it alone, but she needed to feel connected to her family. Taking the computer out, she carried it over to the bed and turned on the power. When the message came up asking for the password, Jane almost gave up. Then she had an idea. Carrying the computer to her son's room she opened the desk drawer and found a disk labeled "safe cracker" and put it in the machine. She held her breath as she contemplated whether or not to just turn off the machine, but before she made up her mind the program worked its magic and the computer came to life.

She smiled when she saw the desktop image. It was a picture of the entire family on the beaches of a tropical planet. They had gone there right after Elroy's graduation. It was the last family vacation they had taken. Scrolling through the files and folders, she found one marked "Family Fun" and pressed play. What she saw nearly made her drop the computer.

There was her daughter, her hair free of its once customary ponytail and falling over her shoulders, sucking on a massive cock, its length glistening with saliva. Jane watched as her daughter played with her pink nipples as she sucked hungrily, talking that cock deep down her throat with every move of her head. Judy's eyes were looking directly into the camera as she deepthroated the unknown cock. When she pulled away, a sting of saliva was suspended from the purple crown to her pouty lips.

"You like that don't you?" her daughter asked playfully as she stroked the proud erection in front of her. The camera moved up and down in an affirmative reaction. "Say it. Tell Judy how much little brother loves her mouth" Jane could barely believe what she was hearing. Had Jane been watching her daughter give her son head?

Then a deep, familiar voice drove away all doubts from her mind, "God, yes. I love the way your mouth feels on my cock, Judy. This is some graduation present..."

"What is little brother going to do for me? Will he lick my little pussy? Will he make me all nice and wet so he can fuck me with that hard cock?"

Jane heard her son growl as he pushed his sister back on the bed, handing her the camera. Judy laughed seductively as she brought her brother into view. His hair was longer than it had been when he had been younger, but there was no doubt that it was on the screen. Jane watched as her son teased first one nipple then the other with his mouth, making her daughter gasp with pleasure. Then he began slowly trailing his tongue down her stomach. She watched as Judy spread her thighs wide, giving her brother plenty of room.

Jane felt flushed as she watched, unable to turn off the video feed. She could feel her own pussy dripping with anticipation and lust as Elroy kissed his way closer and closer to his sisters soaking wet slit, and she shuddered when his tongue made contact with the moist, pink flesh.

Her own hands found their way to her pussy on their own, as she watched her son feast on her daughter's tender young cunt. She toyed with her clit as the camera shook with her daughter's passion. She knew her daughter was on her way to a roaring orgasm and she wanted to cum with her. Her breathing was ragged as she listened to her daughter moan with pleasure and then scream in release. Jane's climax was not far behind. While one had brought her over the edge the other pulled her left nipple hard as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

When her attention returned to the screen, she saw that the camera had been placed on a table or dresser leaving both of them free to fully enjoy the moment. She watched her two children kiss and fondle each other before her son forced his sister on her hands and knees. Judy laughed as he smacked each cheek of her ass playfully, but the laughter faded as he took he held onto her hips as he positioned himself behind her. Jane could see that her son had taken after his father. His cock was just as long and maybe a little thicker than her husband's. She found herself holding her breath as her son slowly inserted his cock, inch by glorious inch, into his sisters dripping pussy. She could imagine the thickness of it stretching her own pussy to its limit.

Jane watched as her son began to thrust gently in and out of his sister's pussy. He began gently, but, encouraged by his sister's pleas, he began to fuck her deeper and more forcefully. Jane watched as Judy's tits began to move with the intense rhythm of their love making. She could hear their bodies coming together powerfully.

As much as she wanted to turn off the screen, Jane could not bring herself to do it. She propped the tablet against the pillow and spread her own thighs as wide as she could. Then brought her fingers once more to her slit she eased first one, then two, then finally three fingers into her tiny slit fucking herself with them as she watched her two children at play. She matched their rhythm and found her own moans of pleasure erupting at the same time as her daughter's. She watched as her daughter arched her back as the pleasure took her and her son holding onto his sister's hair firmly.

His strokes were becoming erratic and Jane knew he was going to cum. She wanted to see it; she wanted to see his glorious cock as it came.

"Going to cum, Judy...going to cum...." he cried through clenched teeth.

"I want to taste it....let big sister taste it" Judy cried as she pulled away, Elroy's cock shiny with her juices. She knelt before him and took him all the way to the root in her mouth, her head bobbing furiously.

"Fuck yeah......Oh God....Cumming!!!!!!" he cried as he held her head to his loins. Jane watched as he shuddered with each shot of cum he poured into his sister's throat. Some of it spilled when he took his now softened cock from his sister's mouth, and the sight of the creamy white fluid her daughter was rubbing into her skin was enough to send Jane into orbit.

She had barely caught her breath when she heard a voice in the living room. "Mom, are you home?" her son called.

A sly smile crossed her face. "If he doesn't mind fucking his sister," she thought, "then he isn't going to mind fucking me." She stood up slowly and smoothed her hair."At least one of the Jetson men is going to get some tonight," she whispered to herself before taking a deep breath.

"I'll be out in a second, Elroy," she called as she glanced down at the image frozen in the screen. Tonight she would get to know her son even better than she already did. With one last deep breath to kill her nerves, she stepped out into the hallway. Tonight was her anniversary, and one way or another, she was going to get laid, and laid good.

-the end-

Watching Our Sexy Daughter

….”Watch us daddy!”…that’s how it first started. My girlfriend and I wanted my dad and mom to watch us dance. We loved to dance around and watch my mom and dads reaction to us. We had a big living room and we would spin around, do backbends, lift our legs high and do anything sexy to get my their reaction. I told my girlfriend in private, to watch my dad pants and see if he would get an erection, and watch my mom to see if she put her hand between her legs and rub her pussy.

…. It became a game with us to make them aroused. If we didn’t see a bulge forming in his pants, or my mom feel her own tit’s a little, we got bolder until they did. If that meant getting real close to them and touching them on the arms or sitting on their laps for a quick tease, we did it. We got very excited doing this, and we liked the horny feeling we got.

…. After a while my girlfriend and I would do our sleepover and finger ourselves while freshly thinking about seeing my parents get horny. We would whisper how big my dads boner looked and how my mom would squirm as she watched us. We bet we made them so horny he was probably fucking my mom right now. We did this many times but we wanted more now and we got bolder.

…. My mom would just smiled as she got turned on watched us. Mom looked like a perfect copy of me. We were the same size and my tits were growing to be as big as hers. They sat together and she would rub my dads leg and squirm as we danced for them. My girlfriend said she bet we were turning my mom on real good. Now they both would put on their robes when we practiced our dance routines. I loved turning them both on, It turned me on too.

…. It was kinda crazy. The three of us were all sexually attracted to each other, and that was the way it was.

….I acted as sexy as I could just to watch them both get aroused by me. They began to whisper during our dancing and smiled at us.

Mom and dad talked in private….

Dad….“She is so damn sexy I can’t help but get an erection. You can tell she gets excited when I do. She has started rubbing up against me in the kitchen now and I see her rubbing on you too.”

Mom…“Oh yes, she sure has. She rubs her arm against my tits and lightly feels my hips and ass. I get so wet and hot, it‘s so hard not to feel her sexy body in return.

….I fantasize about finding a way to get her in bed right between us. I notice she gets as turned on as we do, she gets wet too, I‘ve seen it. I want to play with her so bad. I’d love to finger her and make her orgasm real good. She keeps checking to see if we are getting turned on, you for an erection and me for my hand between my legs. She keeps getting bolder and bolder, soon I bet she‘ll make a move on us both. She wants some sex play. I can just tell, and I can‘t wait.

…. She’s just as horny as I was at that age. My mom and dad wouldn’t play with me, but I could make my dad get a hardon real easy. He would get red in the face and check to see where mom was. If it was clear, he’d close his eyes and let me rub his hardon for just a few minutes. I think he then went in the bathroom to jack off. I went in my bedroom, locked the door to finger my pussy.

….She’s so ready to do a strip for us, I can see it in her eyes as she wants to take her clothes off and let us look and her fine body. She’s just like me at that age and what I would have wanted to do. Maybe if we start fondling each other she‘ll just join in. All this is making me so damn horny, I just love it!”

…My mom brought home little dance outfits for me to wear. They were very sexy and short. Now that I had gotten tits, she would help me dress. She would adjust and adjust them to get them just right. It felt so good as her fingers touched my tits.

…One outfit they liked was a tiny top, actually to small, and a lot of my tits bulged out around it. It had a very tiny skirt and she got me a tiny thong to go with it. I was almost naked but I felt so free when I danced. Nothing pulling on me when I did my splits and bends. The second time I wore it, they got a big blanked and put over them. I couldn’t see daddy’s boner…but I got something better.

...They were playing with each other under the blanket. I could see their hands move under it and that turned me on a lot. I felt so good feeling that I could turn both my parents on. We all three were getting so turned on .

….I’ll always remember that night.
A lot happened and it still makes me wet thinking about it.

…My girlfriend and I were so hot we fingered ourselves to great orgasms….but…we were still horny though. We snuck out of my bedroom to go listen as my mom and dads bedroom door.

… We heard my mom moaning slightly. We both got tingles in our pussy’s. We knew they were fucking and we could now hear them. We quick went back to my bedroom. My girlfriend ask me if I was wet in my pussy. I said yes, take a look. I pushed the sheet down and raised up my night gown. I open up my legs wide for her to see. Her face went into shock. She asked if she could touch the wetness. I said to go ahead. I felt her finger rub over my wet clit.

…I had never had a girl do that to me before. A moan slipped out as my finger joined hers in feeling my pussy lips. “See how wet it is?” I said quietly. She said hers was even wetter. She slowly took off her panties and lay her hips down beside my face. We were now pussy to pussy. She lifted one leg up and showed me how wet she was and it even had dripped down her leg some.

...Now I got the shock as she fingered her own clit slowly. She and I were slowly fingering me, so I joined her finger in fingering her. Now we were fingering our selves and each other. This was a first for both of us and we were the most turned on we’d ever been. We couldn’t stop and it began to build up in us. We just kept on as we felt a bigger orgasm coming and just let it happen.

...We tried to moan quietly as it hit us. To watch close up a girl orgasm inches from my face make my orgasm the best I ever had. I watched both our fingers rub her pussy. The wetness and the clicking sound was awesome as I watched her pussy drip it’s juice. We wanted more of this and planned our next play session.

…We talked about our urge to lick us down there like the porn we had watched. We decided we would do that, next time. We were both shaking with excitement. The girls in the porn videos moaned beautiful and enjoyed it so much, we wanted to try it. It was so risky and daring, we could hardly wait.

…The next day my girlfriend called and said to meet her at a remote restroom at school. I went in and we checked to make sure no one was in there but us. We went in a stall and locked the door. She whispered that she needed a finger job and lifted up my school uniform skirt. She pulled my panties a side and found my clit. I did the same to her. We closed our eyes and thought about our hot night last night. It was so hot doing this I felt an orgasm coming on fast.

...She did too and we pulled us close together and rubbed or clits. I moaned quietly first as she joined me right away. Our legs shook a little as the great feeling shot through our pussy’s. My pussy felt good all the rest of the day…

…We met many times at that restroom. We stopped wearing panties on the day’s we met and one time she had her ’little friend’ in her pussy. It was a little dildo she hid in her pussy that day. She had one for me too. We worked them in and out of us like a guys boner and rubbed our clits at the same time…it was wonderful and exciting.

….That weekend she couldn’t come over for our ’special’ licking session, and so I did a dance for my parents alone.

… I felt extra horny and started doing a slight strip for them. They whispered to me to keep that up. I teased them and let the tops of my tits show. I loved watching them both get so turned on. I got closer to them and started taking the little dance costume off. I saw lots of movement under their usual robes and blanket. I watched mom’s eyes close and a little moan come from her. I think dad was fingering her. With mom’s eyes closed I leaned over and felt my daddy’s face.

.. He was warm and smiled at me so sexy. I saw the big tent between his legs and I started to really get wet. He took one hand and felt my face softly. I shivered and got a feeling in my pussy. I had never had one of those before. Mom still had her eyes closed and seemed like she was in a fantasy land somewhere. I saw lots of movement between her legs with the blanket moving. I took dad’s hand and move it to my tits. Now his eyes closed. I wanted under that blanket so bad to feel his tenting cock.

…Mom slowly opened her eyes and smiled big it me. She moved the blanket and sat me down between them. I was so out of breath with anticipation as to what was going to happen next. They both cover us all up with the blanket.

… We all had a long talk. They told me how wonderful my dances were and how it make their sex life so hot. My dad still was feeling my tits and now mom joined him. They pulled my tiny top down and both felt me more. Dad said he knew my boyfriend had just move away and I was getting no sex. They wanted me to have sex like them and get the thrills they were. I was getting so wet as they felt my tits and nipples.

…The said they have an idea that can give me some wonderful sex like we have. Come with us into our bedroom and we’ll show you what we mean.

….My heart was beating so fast as we all stood up and they walked me to their bedroom. They left the lights off except for a night light. They both began to undress me, kissing me and my body both. I got new chills and I felt dizzy. We all got naked. I had never seen them naked and my dads big boner was so hot looking. He let me feel it my mom’s tits too. That made me hot I was shaking in my tummy.

….We all got in the bed with me in the middle. My dad said to just relax and enjoy. My mom whispered how beautiful I looked and how sexy my tits were. I lay there just letting them play with me. I had never been this horny and excited in my life all at once. I told them my girlfriend and I fingered each other while we had no boyfriends at this time. They got all excited and want all the details.

...I told them and how exciting is was. All this time they felt my body and kissed my tits and nipples. I had major jitters as their fingers came closer and closer to my pussy. Mom took my hand and placed on dads boner.
…I almost orgasmed as I felt it. She took my other hand and placed it on her wet pussy. I loved the feeling of her wet bush as my pussy quivered inside. Mom whispered that we can do anything we want in here, so feel free to do anything you have an urge to do.

….My list of urges was getting to be a long one by now. I started with dad’s boner. It was bigger than my last boyfriends and I love feeling it. I felt it all over and stroked it. My other hand felt moms pussy and her big clit. I loved rubbing it and making her jump and moan. Both their hands were on my pussy now and they sure knew hot to make me tingle and get very wet.

…My strongest urge was with feeling dad’s hard boner. As a young girl I had gotten a crush on my dad and had wanted him to feel me up and more, but he never did. Now was my chance to satisfy that urge. I got on top of my daddy and put his boner between my wet legs. I clamped my legs together on it. Mom felt us both and she was making us all hot with her feels. Dad’s nice hands felt my back and hips. Mom felt my tits real good and kissed them real hot.

….I thought about my girlfriend and how she would love to be me right now. I thought…maybe someday I let her take my place and they can make her this hot.

…I started sliding down on my dad.

Mom thought…
…There she goes, just what I would do. I wanted to lick and suck my dad’s cock so bad when I was her age, and now I get to watch her do it. While she’s busy down there, I’m putting my pussy up to dad’s face. I’m putting my face close to hers get a close up of her sucking his cock. I want dad to lick me like I had wished my dad would have done to me, so many times. I just knew he jacked off thinking about fucking me, so I timed it so when I was sure he was. I would finger myself to a great orgasm thinking about us fucking together.

Dad was thinking….
…It’s hard to believe she’s doing this. I’ve fucked her mentally while fucking mom, many times. Mom knew I did and acted like her to give me a real hot thrill. Mom fantasized I was her dad, and I was finally fucking her. I whispered and called her by her teenage nick name to make her moan real long. Now I watched our daughter sucking my cock for our first time.

…Oh my…here comes mom’s pussy for me to lick. I must have died and gone to heaven. Mom is so wet and excited, I’ve never seen her clit so sensitive when my tongue touches it. She loves it when I make her cum by sucking and licking on her nice clit. I can’t take much more of this…my balls are so ready to cum…

Daughters thoughts…
…I’m going to give dad the best blow job and feel him cum in my mouth…mom is helping me by feeling all over us both. Dad is mine this time mom, I want it all. I can get almost all of his cock in my up and down as I feel his balls. He’s getting ready….he’s moaning…go daddy cum for me…now!

…I felt the first jerking blast fill my mouth. Mom moaned as she must have climaxed as dad licked her clit. Dad kept shooting and moms hips were face fucking dad. I fingered myself and it was a big one. I massaged my G spot as my super orgasm shook me hard. We all three jerked and moaned….oh my god…my first swallow of dads cum. I shook all over as mom took over and now she got her shots of his cum. We were all out of breath and moaning as mom and I licked dad, over and over. Dad just kept making mom jump with his licks to her clit.

….. I could have never ever guessed….. it would be as good at this……

-the end-

Coming To Mom's Rescue

"You son-of-a-bitch. Get out!" Brenda Connelly screamed at her husband.

"Karen just let me explain." The words had barely gotten out of his mouth before he had to duck to avoid being hit by a vase she had thrown across the room.

"I told you to get out!" Brenda screamed again. "I packed your fucking bags. Now go be with your lover!"

It was over. Twenty-one years of marriage was over. David Connelly knew there was no use and in a way a strong sense of relief rushed over him. Turning he picked up his luggage and walked into the hallway. Then stopping he looked back at Brenda.

"I'm sorry Brenda. Tell the kids I am sorry."

Brenda did not say a word but stood her back toward him waiting for him to leave.

When she heard the front door close Brenda turned and stared at the bed. It had been in this bed both of their children had been conceived. It was in this bed they had made love hundreds of time until his desire for her began to die. It was in this bed that she found the reason several weeks earlier when she had come home from a business trip and found him not with another woman but another man.

As she stood looking at the king size suite she began to sob. It would have hurt had it been another woman but another man? What was wrong with her? What had she not done? A thousand questions rushed through her mind as she threw herself across the mattress her body racked with despair.

Brenda rolled over and looked at the picture on the nightstand. It seemed the only good things that had come of her marriage were her children. There was 21 year old Brian. He looked like a younger version of his father only much more muscular. He had inherited his father's Italian genes. Tall with coal black hair and piercing brown eyes Brian had more than his share of girlfriends.

Her daughter Sandra had been a bit more of the rebel. Almost twenty she had been blessed not only with her mother's Irish red hair but her mother's D cup breasts as well. Sandra had left home and moved in with her brother six months earlier when her father had caught her sucking off the next door neighbors son. She was quickly becoming a bit of a slut and they had thought sending her to stay with her brother would help calm her down.

As Brenda stared at the picture she knew she would have to tell them. How would they accept it? She was not exactly sure. Their father had not gone out of his way to be close to his children but then it's not every day you find out your father is gay. Still they had to know.

Brenda sat up by the side of the bed. Wiping tears from her eyes she lifted the phone. After dialing Brian's number she waited for an answer. Finally his voice came over the line.

"Brian? Hi honey this is mom." Brenda said.

"Mom? Oh hi. How are you." Brian replied. Brenda thought she heard the faint moaning of someone in the background.

"Is everything ok Brian?" Brenda asked.

"Oh. Ahh. Yes. Yes mom. Everything is just fine" Brian replied in a bit of a flushed voice.

"Listen. I really hate to bother you but I need to talk to you and your sister. Can you come over tonight?" Brenda said.

"Now?" Brian replied. "Mom I don't know if we."

Brenda interrupted him. "Brian please. I really need to talk to the two of you. It's very, very important."

There was silence for a few seconds then Brian's voice came back over the phone.

"Ok. Ok Mom. We can be there in about an two hours." Brian said.

"Good. " his mother replied. "Oh and Brian would you please stop at the liquor store and pick me up a bottle of rum? I really need a drink."

"Sure. Anything you say." Brian replied in a concerned voice. "We'll be there soon."

Brenda hung the phone up. Looking into the mirror opposite the room Brenda thought about the turn of events that was changing her life. Standing up she began to unclothe. Finally standing nude the woman looked at the reflection in the mirror.

"What's wrong with me?" she asked. Her tits were still firm and her body in shape. Brenda had been an avid runner and as she turned to the side she could see that even in her forties her ass was still high and tight.

Brenda stood taking inventory of herself for a few moments then walked into the bathroom. Turning the shower on she waited for the water to warm then stepped in. Leaning against the wall another rush of anger and hurt passed through her. The warm water blended with her tears as she tried to understand her husband's betrayal.

"We have to go to Mom's." Brian said. "Something's wrong."

"What is it? Is she hurt?" Sandra looked at her brother and asked.

"No. Nothing like that." Brian replied. "You heard me. I told her it would be a bit."

The look on Sandra Connelly's face reverted back to one of lust. Sliding her hands up her brother's muscular shoulders the young woman began to thrust her crotch up.

"Good. Because you need to cum to don't you big brother."

Brian smiled down at his naked sister lying under him. Her tan legs slid up around his waist and clamped down pulling his thick cock deep into her tight wet pussy.

Unknown to their parents Brian and Sandra had been incestuously involved for two years. It had begun innocently enough. Sandra liked to tease. Brian liked to be teased. Then came the night when their parents were away for a weekend. The two had smoked grass and Brian had dared her to do an erotic dance for him. Before it was over she was spread eagle on the couch and Brian brought her to her first orally inspired orgasm.

The two dated other people though and there was a small circle of intimate friends who knew and approved of their sexual relationship. It was not uncommon for orgies to occur at Brian's apartment and he even had been involved in several threesomes with his sister and other women.

"I need your cum Brian. I need it right here." Sandra pleaded with him as he began to fuck her juicy hole. Sandra lifted her fingers and slid them across her face and lips.

Brian let out a groan.

"Damn sis. You are such a fucking slut." Brian commented as he began to thrust.

"Maybe but I'm your slut big brother. Now fuck me. Get it fast and hard." Sandra pleaded.

Sandra unwrapped her legs and Brian began to fuck his sister in such a fashion that the headboard slapped the wall over and over. Her pussy clamped down on his cock with each down thrust and Brian knew her vice like grip on his cock was going to soon siend him over the edge.

The young woman slid her hands down and cupped her large tits. Lifting one she stuck her tongue out and began to lick her own nipple then alternated to the other. The sight of it, coupled with the taboo of fucking his own sister was bringing Brian to climax rapidly.

"Oh fuck Sandra. Damn it's close." Brian cried out. He could feel the sexual release building in his balls.

Sandra had already cum three times. That was one thing about her brother. He was a sexual gentleman. Making sure the woman is satisfied before reaching his own gratification.

"Oh Brian. Bring it up here. Tit fuck me." Sandra pleaded.

Brian did not have to be told twice. He pulled his sex wet cock from his sister cunt and quickly straddled her belly. Sandra reached down and wrapped her firm yet soft boob flesh around his manhood. His cock was so saturated with her cunt juices there was no need for further lubrication.

The young stud began to thrust back and forth. Each shift forward Sandra would lick his hot cock knob wet with her own pussy honey and his leaking pre-cum. The friction on his cock was more than Brian could stand.

"Oh shit honey..I'm....." Brian's words trailed off. His cock head flared and a blast of cum flew directly into Sandra's mouth. Releasing his cock from the confines of her tits, Sandra grabbed his cock and began jerking aiming the spewing dick at her face.

Brother and sister moaned loudly as he released his sperm on her full lips and creamy cheeks. Sandra loved the taste and feel of cum. Weather being spewed from a male or a female. Her fist flew up and down his dick coaxing all cock cream he had from his nuts.

Her lips full coated with sperm Sandra leaned up and sucked his cock into her hungry mouth. Damn she wanted more but she had given him a work out that would last for a bit. The sensation of it was more than Brian could stand.

Pulling back from his sister his cock escaped from her lips with a loud plop. Brian looked down at her as she rubbed his cum into her cheeks and breasts.

"You're a fucking mess." Brian laughed.

"It's all your fault asshole." Sandra said the laughed with her brother.

Brian rolled off his sister then Sandra scooted to the side of the bed and stood up. As she did droplets of cum fell from her right cheek onto her nipple.

Sandra started to lift it and lick it up. Then she walked over to her brother.

"You know you want it Brian." Sandra said as she held her breast up to him.

"No fucking way sis. I ain't gay." Brian protested.

"Come on Brian. I taste my own pussy. Besides it would not mean your gay or even bisexual."

Brian thought about it for a moment.

"Shit. Oh well." He said as he pulled his sister to him. Brian's tongue flicked out and licked at the cum covered nipple.

"Not bad. Salty but not bad." Brian thought as he sucked his own juice from her tits.

Sandra moaned looking down at her brother. Her wicked little mind was going into sexual overtime. There were so many things she wanted to try with him but it would take one day at a time.

The young couple separated and a few moments later soaping each other's backs in the shower the subject turned to their mother.

"What do you think is wrong Brian?" Sandra said as his strong hands caressed her back.

"I don't know but we need to get over there. It really has me worried." Brian responded.

Sandra was bent slightly as she let her brother wash her ass then pussy. She was so sexy. He loved that heart shaped derriere and as he caressed the soft flesh his cock began to harden. Standing up his cock head pressed against the rosebud of her butt.

"Look's like someone's up again." Sandra laughed pressing back against his erection.

"I know but we really need to get to mom's" Brian protested.

Sandra did not say a word. Reaching behind her she grasped his cock pulling the head against her hot asshole. Brian watched as she pushed back against him. The tight ring of her anus began to give way and accept his again bloated cock head.

"Sandra..we..have to..oh damn it" Brian tried to protest.

As Sandra took his cock into her horny butt she looked over her shoulder.

"Later baby. Later."
"Mom? We're here. Mom?" Brian called out as he pushed the door open just off the kitchen.

Stepping inside Brian sat the new bottle of rum on the counter by the refrigerator. He then noticed another bottle, almost empty, also on the counter. His sister walked in behind him and closed the door.

"Mom?" Sandra called out.

"Well it took you two long enough to get here." Brenda said as she walked into the kitchen.

Brenda had showered and changed before the two arrived and was wearing a short dark green lace see through robe. The top was open revealing a generous portion of cleavage.

"Good thing I found that." Brenda said pointing at the almost empty bottle.

It was obvious to Brian and Sandra that their mother had indulged in a bit too much alcohol. While she was not drunk her words were a bit slurred.

Brian could not help notice his mother's cleavage and felt a stirring inside his cargo shorts.

"Sorry Mom. We got held up in traffic. There was an accident." Sandra lied.

Like her brother Sandra was also noticing her mother's revealing state. Brenda usually dressed conservatively around them. Why their mother would dress this way was a bit of a mystery to her but there was no denying the stirring Sandra was feeling in her pussy as her mother walked to the kitchen table, breasts swaying under the thin material.

"Brian would you be a dear and fix us all a drink? I have something I need to tell both of you." Brenda told her son.

"Mom are you sure you need another one?" Brian asked worriedly.

"Just do it. Make it strong. Make both of yours strong too. You're going to need it." Brenda insisted.

Brian did as his mother requested, gave his mother and sister their respective glasses then sat at the table with Brenda and Sandra. The three took sips of their drinks then Brenda leaned forward in her chair. Her large breasts rested on the edge of the table. Brian could almost see her right tit entirely as the material pushed opened.

"So what gives mom? What is this all about." Sandra asked, also noticing her mother's breasts becoming more and more exposed.

Brenda then began to explain to her children what had happened. How she had come home from her business trip early and found their father in bed with another man. In her alcohol induced state she told them how she had walked in and found him fucking his lover from behind. Then she told them of their decision to divorce.

The thought of their father having sex with another man disgusted Brian but her mothers in depth description was actually turning Sandra on. She felt herself becoming moist under her short jean skirt and she was certain her mother could see her nipples becoming hard through her white cotton top.

"I hated to tell you both this but I knew you would find out sooner or later and I thought it best to be sooner." Brenda told them before turning her glass up and finishing her drink. She then handed the glass to Brian and put in another order.

"Mom I really don't think you should drink anymore. That is not going to change this." Brian protested.

"Brian I think Mom could use a little something else to help calm her." Sandra said.

"Sandra I don't think mom would..." his words were interrupted by his sister.

"Mom would you like to smoke a joint?" Sandra looked at her mother and asked.

"Pot?" Brenda replied surprised. "I didn't know you too smoked pot."

Brenda thought about it for a moment. She was not certain she should. It had been sometime since she had indulged in cannabis. It had a tendency to make her extremely horny. What if she became turned on? After a few moments she dismissed the thought. These were her children. She would be safe.

"Well. OK. I guess I could certainly use some." Brenda finally agreed.

"But I still want a drink." She looked at Brian and said.

Brian stood up, reached in his pocket and produced a bag of reefer and rolling papers. He slid them across the table to Sandra before turning to get his mother yet another rum and coke. Brenda did not say a word but watched as her daughter opened the bag and papers and began expertly rolling two joints.

As Sandra watched, her eyes trailed down her daughter's neck and to her chest. She could see Sandra's nipples hard through the cotton material of her shirt. For a second Brenda felt a tingle in her pussy then looked over at Brian.

As he mixed her drink, back toward her Brenda noticed his strong muscular body. It was evident that he worked out frequently. His firm muscles were visible through his tight tee shirt. She wondered how many young women had already wrapped their legs around his waist and for a second she had a mental image of his ass rising and falling as he pumped some slut's pussy.

Brian sat down then watched as Sandra handed the joint across the table to her mother. When Brenda leaned forward her robe gapped open enough that Brian could clearly see one breast. Her nipple and areola were hard and Brian felt his cock stiffen right away.

Brenda took the joint from Sandra and sat back. For the first time in their lives brother and sister watched as the woman who brought them in the world lifted the joint to her full lips and lit it. Brian was aroused watching her full lips wrap around the end of the joint and for and wished it was his cock instead.

The mother inhaled and held it for a moment before flying into a coughing fit that overtook her for a few seconds. She then took a sip of her drink and inhaled yet again. Releasing the smoke in the air Brenda threw her head back as the pot sensation began to pour through her. She began to feel her pussy come alive.

"Damn I forgot how good that was." Brenda said before inhaling again.

Sandra had lit the other one and puffed before handing it to her brother.

"You mean you've smoked pot before?" Sandra said as she exhaled.

"Oh yes honey. Many times." Her mother replied. "It's been awhile but I forgot how good it makes me feel." Brian was catching a quick buzz as well. His mother moved the chair back and pulled one leg up. Much to his surprise her crotch came into full view as her robe pulled to the side.

"You know Mom. Dad is a damn fool." Brian said before toking again.

"Why is that?" Brenda said.

"Well forgive me for putting it so bluntly but you are a fine ass woman mom." Brian stated as he exhaled. "I mean I know you are my mother but shit you have one hell of a body."

"That's right mom." Sandra agreed. "You are really hot. I mean I don't fault Dad if he found his true sexuality but you are so sexy I don't understand why he would not want to at least share you. I mean could you imagine having two cocks at one time?"

Even through her high that was becoming more intense Brenda felt herself blush. She also felt her juices beginning to flow more. She could not believe she was having this type of conversation with her off spring.

"You two are kidding right? You find me sexy? Your mother?" Brenda said. "And as for your father I don't know if I could handle being in bed with him and another man."

Sandra was becoming more forthcoming. "Don't knock it till you've tried it mom. I mean two hard cocks sliding in and out of your pussy and ass at the same time. It's really hot."

Brian could not believe what his sister was saying. He looked over at his mother and could see her blushing and her face reddening. He also saw her breathing was increasing. What his sister was telling their mother was obviously arousing her.

"Really and just how the hell would you know that young lady?" Brenda inquired of her daughter.

Sandra released a puff of smoke and blew it across the table at her mother.

"I'll never tell" she teased before inhaling again.

Brenda's curiosity was picking up about her daughter's sex life. Suddenly the problems with her husband had been regulated to the back of her mind. Her son had been quiet and Brenda turned her attention to him.

"Do you know about this? What your sister does?" his mother asked.

"Well yes mom I do." Brian confessed.

The three were now buzzing wildly. The sexual tension in the room was also increasing as their conversation proceeded.

"In fact mom Brian was present." Sandra said as she stood up and moved to the chair next to her mother.

"Present? You mean he watched you?" Brenda asked. Her heart was beating a mile a moment now and though it was wrong she felt her clit begin to throb.

"No. More than that." Sandra said as she took the joint from her mother's hand and inhaled.

Then Sandra looked her mother in the eyes.

"I love to fuck mom but only one man gets to stick his big hard cock in my asshole." Sandra said.

The realization hit Brenda like a ton of bricks. Her eyes widened as mental images of what Sandra was describing began to fill her head.

"Oh my god. You mean you and your brother are having sex?" Brenda asked stunned.

Sandra did not say a word but stood and walked around to where her brother was.

"Stand up Brian." The hot sister told her brother.

Brian was too stoned and horny to protest. As he stood Sandra sunk to her knees in front of him. Brenda could not believe what she was seeing as her daughter slowly unzipped his fly. Reaching in his shorts she pulled out the largest penis her mother had ever seen. It fell out straight even with Sandra's face and Brenda could see he was leaking pre-cum.

"Oh shit" Brenda moaned as she felt her pussy lips begin to swell. His dick was not quite nine inches long and appeared to be almost at thick as her wrist. Brenda watched through lust glazed eyes as her daughter slowly began to jack her son.

"He might cum too son if I suck him now." Sandra stated after a few seconds of stroking.

Reaching down Sandra took the bottom of her shirt and quickly pulled it over her head.

Brian also removed his shirt as his sister turned toward her mother. Her full firm tits stood out proudly as she closed the distance between them.

"You should know something else mom." Sandra said as she placed her hands on her mother's shoulders.

Brenda looked up. Two young beautiful tits were swaying just in front of her. It had been years since her own experiences with other women. She knew it was wrong. It was taboo.but her mouth was watering for her daughters breasts.

"I like women too." Sandra said then pulled her mother too her. Sandra gasped as Brenda's lips slid around her thick hot nipples.

Now completely naked Brian stood behind his sister. Sandra leaned her head back to kiss him deeply as their mother madly worked her tits over with her mouth. Brian undid Sandra's jean skirt and let it fall to the floor revealing her naked ass.

"Get her ready for me Sandra. Get her hot." Brian said. As much taboo as he and his sister had broken he could not believe he was now standing in his parent's kitchen having about to have sex with his mother.

Sandra pulled back from Brenda. Her mother moaned a small whimper of protest then Sandra took her by the hand and stood her up. The two women's eyes lust locked on each other for a moment before they embraced. Their full lips opened and tongue intertwined as Sandra reached down and undid the loose knot in her mother's robe. Pushing it open her hands slid up to pinch and caress Brenda's tits.

Brenda responded likewise taking her daughter's nipples in her fingers and rolling them. The sensation caused Sandra to push her naked crotch against her mother's.

Sandra pushed Brenda back and urged her mother to sit on the edge of the large oak table. Brenda leaned back on her elbows, her tits proudly displayed for daughter and son as Sandra began to kiss and lick her way down her mother's belly. Her head was swimming not only with marijuana induced high but lust. She flinched when Sandra kissed her mound just above her clit.

Brain moved to the side of the table and began to kiss and lick his mother's tits. They were so full and beautiful like his sisters. He was already hoping to have an opportunity to shove his member between them as he had done earlier in the evening with Sandra. Brian kissed his way up. His lips met his mothers and their tongues intertwined as he grasped first one then the other breast with his hand.

Suddenly Brenda broke her lips from Brian.

"Oh fuck yes" Brenda squealed loudly before her words became unintelligible giving way to a high pitched squeal.

Sandra had spread her mother's juicy swollen pussy lips wide and back making her clit stand out proudly. Her tongue extended she had begun to work the sexy digit over in a figure eight motion. The feeling of it caused Brenda's thighs to tremble wildly.

"Damn it yes eat me. Please eat me" the in heat mothers begged before her son locked his mouth over hers. Again her moans were muffled as her daughter worked to bring her to orgasm.

The taste and taboo of eating her mother was overwhelming to Sandra. She moved one hand down and inserted two fingers in her own tight hole finger fucking herself wildly. Her lips fastened down onto her mothers wetness as her tongue went wild searching out every sexual never she could possibly find inside Brenda with it.

Brenda was shaking all over. Her cunt was on fire. It had been years since she had been eaten like this and had forgotten how good it felt to be orally serviced by another female. She had crossed a sexual boundry never to return but for the moment it did not matter. All she wanted was to cum. To cum wildly and it did not matter that it would be at the hands of her own children.

Brian climbed up on the table. His mother was still leaning back oh her elbows as Sandra ate her. Kneeling to her right the young stud aimed his rock hard penis at his mother's face.

"Open your mouth" Brian commanded.

She did not have to be told twice. Brian's cock slid past her full lips into the warmth of a sexual cavern that could only be equaled by his sister. As his mother began to suck the pre-cum dripping head he knew it would take all of his will power not to unload in her mouth but he was determined to hold out as long as possible.

Sandra was licking wildly. By the way her mother was juicing she knew it would not be long before she was rewarded with the cunt honey she so rightfully deserved. Pulling her fingers from her own drippy hole she pushed them into her mothers pussy. Curving them upwards to the ten o'clock position she found to her delight her mothers G-spot was in the exact same position as her own.

Brenda yanked her lips from around Brian's cock.

"Oh fuck how did you know...Brenda's words again were lost as her squeals reverberated off the kitchen walls.

Sandra fastened her lips on her mother's clit, licking it rapidly as she massaged her mothers G-spot. She wanted it. She needed it. She was practically begging for her mother's feminine cum.

Brenda felt it. The heat began to rise intensely in her cunt and belly. She could not longer support herself and lay back on the table fully. Then the first wave or orgasm was so intense it almost sat her straight up.

"Cummmming" the woman screamed loudly as her vagina and clit went into orgasmic convulsions.

Sandra was caught off guard by the first blast of pussy juice that erupted from between Brenda's swollen lips. It just missed her chin landing on the young woman's throat and running down on her swaying breasts.

Sandra finger fucked her mother faster and moved back. She then pulled Brenda's pussy lips opened and a large squirt of cunt juices landed directly on her face. Unable to resist she covered her mother's cunt with her mouth and buried her tongue in deep sucking her mothers wet hot sex as it poured into her mouth.

Brenda was shaking so hard the table was literally moving. There were no words but the muffled moans of her daughter into her cunt and her own high pitched squeals. So caught up in her own orgasm she was unable to suck Brian's cock. He had leaned back and was slowly jerking his stiff dick as his sister worked their mother through orgasm.

Finally Brenda eased herself back onto her elbows. Looking down she could see and feel Sandra slow her licking. Past her trim bush she watched as Sandra slowly, reluctantly pulled her tongue from her pussy. A strand of juice hung from her bottom lip and fell onto Sandra's breast as she pulled away.

It was one of the most erotic sights Brian had ever witnessed. His sister had brought their mother to an intensive orally induced orgasm. He had previously thought seeing her face covered with his own sperm was hot but now her face and chest covered with their mothers sex juice definitely took top erotic honors.

Sandra stood. Walking to the side of the table she leaned over and kissed Brenda deeply. Her hand slid back down Brenda's stomach to squeeze her mother's now juice drenched crotch. Brenda moaned at the feel and also to the taste of her own cum.

"Do you think she's ready?" Brian asked interrupting the female couple.

Sandra's middle finger darted in and out of Brenda's tight hole.

"I think so honey." Sandra responded as Brian leaned across to kiss his sister.

Brenda sat up. Arms extended behind her to support herself. Her breasts standing out proudly as the final spasms of her orgasm faded.

She looked first at her son with his cock standing stiff then at her daughter, face glazed with cunt juice.

"Hey doesn't your mother have a say in this?" Brenda asked teasingly as Brian slid off the table.

Sandra kissed her mother on the lips.

"No mom you don't." she smiled and said before frenching her mother deeply.

Sandra then stood up straight and brushed her hair back. Reaching over she found the remnants of her drink.

"One thing is for sure. We need a bigger fuck area" she stated before swallowing the balance of it.

Brian scooped his mother up in his arms.

"Come on sis. Mom has a pretty big bed as I recall." Brian said as he carried her through the living room.

"Hey bring the pot up and fix some drinks" Brian called out as he began to carry Brenda up the stairs.

Brenda gave no hint of resistance. She knew the wildest night of sex she had ever had was only beginning.
As Brian carried his mother upstairs Sandra gathered the rum, pot and glasses and found a small tray to carry all the materials upstairs. Glancing down she noticed her tits still wet with her mothers pussy juices.

Lifting first one then the breasts she licked the sweet nectar from her tits. Taking her time she sucked her own nipples then finally released them.

"God I'm fucking horny" she thought before grabbing the tray and proceeding to her mother's bedroom. Her straight red hair flowed behind her and breasts jiggled as she bounded the stairs.

Just before reaching her mother's room she heard Brenda's voice cry out in loud pleasure.

As Sandra turned the corner she saw her mother was on all fours. Her brother was behind her holding her ass cheeks wide. His face buried between them, head shaking side to side.

"Fuck you motherfucker yes. Eat my hot asshole" Brenda squealed.

Brian was indulging in on e of his fetishes. Rimming a woman's butt. He loved doing that and Sandra knew exactly the pleasure he was giving their mother.

Sandra started to jump on the bed with the two but decided to give into one of her own fetishes. Voyeurism. Lighting the remnants of one of the joints Sandra inhaled as she watched Brian tongue their mother's ass.

Brenda was in erotic heaven. She had never had anyone rim her ass before. Where had he learned this? It certainly was not from his father. The man did not even like eating pussy much less tongue probing a woman's back door.

"Brian I can't stand it anymore. Please honey. Please fuck me" his mother begged.

Brian was torn. Her ass tasted so good. Still wet with the juices his sister had created that had seeped between her cheeks. His cock however was demanding to be satisfied. To be wrapped with the sweet tight mature flesh where he had come from.

His mother leaned forward pushing her breasts into the mattress and her ass high in the air. Her horny son moved behind her. Grasping his shaft he placed the bulbous head to his mother sticky but slick pussy lips.

"Yessss" Brenda moaned as she felt his cock head part the entrance to her sex canal. For the moment this was not her son. He was a stud. A real stud. One his father could never be. Her eyes widened as the largest cock she had ever allowed in herself began to slide into her slippery tunnel.

Brian moaned loudly. She was older but she was tight. As tight as his sister. Brian watched as her pussy seemingly sucked at his dick. Begging it to come inside.

"Fuck Brian. That feels so fucking good." Brenda cried out as inch after inch his hard cock flesh eased inside her.

Sandra moved over to a lounge chair across the room. After sitting back she lifted the joint to her lips with one hand while the other teased her left nipple. Her eyes watched in lust filled amazement as her brother's ass muscles flexed, working his cock into their mother.

"Fuck her Brian. Fuck our slut mother hard." Sandra said encouraging her brother. She knew how good it felt. How good it was to have him taking her from behind filling each horny inch of her pussy with stud meat. She knew exactly the pleasure her mother was feeling.

Looking over at her Brian continued to slide his fleshy shaft into Brenda. Sandra sat the joint aside and threw one leg over the edge of the lounge chair. One hand peeled her wet vulva open while she teased her clit with the other.

"Come over and join us honey." Brian said to his sister as he grasped his mother's hips.

"Not yet. I want to watch." Sandra responded as she slowly rubbed her clit in circles.

Brenda slid her hands under herself to pinch and pull at her nipples. Her son's cock was now fully imbedded in her. The head of it, the shaft, all of his penis was touching previously unexplored areas of her pussy. Now she wanted it. She wanted to be screwed like some sort of street whore.

"Come on baby. Slam it to me. Give it to mother. Hard. Come on. Fuck me like you would fuck your sister." Brenda demanded.

Brian pulled back until almost all of his cock was out of Brenda's hole. He then slid in slowly. Then out. Then back in. With each thrust gaining momentum and speed.

Brenda pushed herself up on her hands thrusting her pussy back at him.

"That's it. That's it honey. Come on. I need it. I need it so bad." Brenda cried out.

As they fucked Brenda had suspended herself just high enough that with each thrust her nipples scraped the bed-sheets. The sensation was sending shocks of pleasure from her breasts directly to her clit.

"Oh god. It feels so fucking good." Brenda squealed. Her pussy so full of her sons cock. She did not think the pleasure could get any better.

Sandra was finger fucking herself rapidly now. The porn movie like sight before her was intense. Finally she could take it no longer and moved over to the bed.

Kneeling beside her mother her tits swayed from the motion of her brother fucking Brenda. Through lust glazed eyes she watched his cock slide in and out of their mother glistening with her juices.

Brenda slid her left hand down and around Sandra's thigh. She was in a position where she could not quite reach thee young woman's pussy. She was about to instruct Sandra to lay down where she could return her daughters oral favors from earlier.

Then she felt it.

"Aieeeeeeee. That's it. Fuck my assshole too!" Brenda announced loudly.

Sandra had slid her right hand down her mother's cheeks and shoved her middle finger third knuckle deep in her butt. As her brother continued fucking Brenda, Sandra finger fucked her ass in a perfectly timed rhythm.

The feel of it all. Sandra's finger in her ass. Her son's fucking. His balls slapping her clit with each inward stroke were too much for Brenda to bare.

"It's cumming again!" Brenda squealed before shaking her head from side to side. Again her words became a series of squeals as yet another thunderous orgasm raked her body.

Sandra looked at her brother.

"Don't you dare cum yet." Sandra demanded looking at Brian with eyes of intent. It took all of his will power. Brenda's pussy was clamping down, milking his stiff prick. It felt so good. It was not his first threesome but never before had he had one so sexually intense.

Brenda's juices spewed from around his cock. Her love honey hit his crotch and dripped down the front of his legs. It was almost more than Brian could take. Here he was with two of the most beautiful women he knew. His mother and sister naked and acting like complete sluts. What more could a young stud ask for.

The horny mother's second orgasm began to subside. A whimper of protest escaped her lips as he pulled his juiced up cock from her.

"Roll over mom." Sandra demanded. The young woman had taken on a bit of a demanding roll.

Brenda did as Sandra instructed. Her tits jiggled as she quickly lay down legs spread.

No sooner had Brenda lain down then Sandra threw her left leg over her mother's chest.

"Eat me bitch." Sandra commanded.

Brenda was caught a bit by surprise by Sandra's statement. She had never talked to her like that before. Brenda had no chance to protest as Sandra lowered her hot slick cunt directly on her mother's mouth.

The taste and scent were unreal. Brenda slid her tongue deep into Sandra's hole. She could hear her daughter's cries of pleasure as she began to swirl her tongue in Sandra's pussy.

Sandra leaned forward and gave her brother a knowing look. He knew exactly what she wanted.

The young woman leaned forward and pulled her mothers legs behind her arms. She forced her tongue into her mother's sensitive wet cunt as Brian moved around behind her.

Kneeling behind his sister Brian straddled his mother's head. His mother pulled her tongue from her daughter's cunt to give way to his dick. His cock still wet with her juices slid easily into her Sandra's pussy.

The three rocked the bed. Sandra moaned loudly into her mother's cunt as she licked and sucked at the still juicy pussy. Brenda's ass was shaking as her daughter worked her pussy over with that expert tongue. Just above her Brian was fucking his sister's hot cunt. Each backstroke Brenda was rewarded with juices flowing off his cock into her waiting mouth as she worked the young girl's clit with her tongue.

The orgasms hit all three almost at the same time. Sandra was first. Her ass began to quiver and her cunt began to suck and clamp down on her brother's dick. The feel of her mother's tongue circling her clit was almost more than she could stand. Pulling her mouth from Brenda's cunt she screamed loudly before throwing her lips over her mothers pussy, sucking and licking for all she was worth.

Brenda was next. Her body quaked under Sandra as her pussy went into yet another set of convulsions. She wanted to thrash her legs about but Sandra had them secure behind her arms. She could not move and the sensation of being held so tight only made her orgasm more intense. Sandra was rewarded with yet another mouthful of her mother's delicious cunt cream.

Brian shoved hard and deep into his sister. He loved the fact she was on the pill and took full advantage of shooting his cum inside her as often as possible. Spurt after spurt of hot male juice flew into her cunt as her brother emptied his ball sack inside her. His mother began to lick his tight balls causing Brian to flinch with each shot of cum.

After a few moments Brian pulled with a loud plop from his sister. His cock coated with a mix of pussy and cum fell directly on his mother's lips. Hungrily she sucked the head into her mouth as Sandra rolled from her and moved around.

"Move aside Brian. Time to feed mother." Sandra said as she stood up on the bed straddling her mother. Sandra, barely able to grasp her wet pussy lips closed slowly squatted down till her cunt hovered just over her mother's mouth.

"Open wide mom." Sandra smiled down at her mother and said.

Quickly understanding what her daughter wanted, Brenda slid her hands up behind Sandra and on top of her thighs urging her to sit fully down.

Brenda's tongue quickly stabbed into Sandra causing her to emit squeals of pleasure. The mother was rewarded with a mix of her son's cum and daughters juices mixed together.

She could not believe what was happening. All taboos had been broken. Here she was sucking her sons cum directly from her daughter's hot wet pussy. It was almost too much. Almost but not quite she thought as her hands slid up to rub Sandra's nipples.

Sandra's pussy, sensitive from her strong orgasm could no longer bare any more licking. Pulling from her mother's mouth she moved down her mother's body and the two locked in a sensuous embrace and kiss as Brenda wrapped her legs around Sandra's waist.

Brian moved to the side of the women.

"Whew. I don't think I have ever had sex that great," he said.

The two women agreed and continued their kissing and slow grinding.

Brian lit another joint then looked at his mother and sister.

"Damn aren't you two worn out?" he asked before taking a deep drag.

"Are you kidding?" Sandra said as she took quick fast licks of her mothers soaked face and lips. "I can't get enough.

"How about you Mom?" Brian asked handing the joint down to her.

Brenda thought for a moment as she took a long drag then exhaled.

"Brian I know you're a young hot stud but I think we wore you out." Brenda laughed.

Then a thought crossed Brenda's mind.

"You know I thought your father was just impotent so I bought him some Viagra. I think there still in the drawer. Maybe you should them. I think you are going to need some."

Brian opened the drawer then heard a squeal behind him. His sister was again eating their mother's hot juicy cunt. As he popped the bottle open he was certain his mother was right.

-the end-

A Cousin’s Misery

Sometimes it is really good having such a large family. After my recent accident on my motorcycle my family had been taking care of me. Especially my cousin Tabitha, she was one of the last cousins to come over and keep me company. But when she did, well things happened that I would have never thought to have happened before. For those of you that aren’t familiar with what I am talking about then I recommend you read my story title The Motorcycle Accident for more details. Well anyway on with this story.
Tabitha wasn’t the only cousin to make a late appearance. My cousin Stephanie just had her baby about two months before my accident. The baby was beautiful and looked a lot like her father. I had heard that Stephanie was very depressed and some of the family was concerned about her. My mother was the most concerned and I got to hear about it a lot when she was over helping me in the morning.
One morning mom came over and told me that she couldn’t come over the next day because of some issues at work she had to be present for. She apologized immensely to me but said that she had made arrangements for Stephanie to come over. She lived close by and her mother was taking the baby for the day so Stephanie could get out of the house. Mom had asked her to come over and make me breakfast and make sure I was set for the day with my meds and such things that my mother did, with the exception of the morning shower.
I was a bit surprised to hear that Stephanie agreed, Stephanie was a great girl, but we just didn’t get along all the time. To be honest she was a spoiled brat and almost always got what she wanted. But since the birth of her baby, well her life had changed and the family decided it was time for her to do some growing. So from what mom told me the family didn’t do a lot to help her out like she demanded. Her family made the difficult decision to not step in and help. Now it was almost six months later and they were finally starting to do things to help her out. From what mom told me before she left, this was the first time anyone had taken her daughter for an extensive time frame.
My mom finished cooking and got started on the cleaning. By this point I was able to get around a bit more. I could sit at the kitchen table for longer periods with my leg down and when needed to I could put it up onto a chair. Mom finished cleaning and got all my snacks put onto the table next to my chair. My dad had found a dorm refrigerator and put it on the other side of my chair so I could store cold water and sodas or anything else cold I would desire during the day. So mom stocked up my water and couple of sodas for me; as well as a container of dip for my chips later in the day.
I talked to Tabitha that day and she was busy at work and would not be able to come over that night. I was disappointed, but didn’t let it get to me. I could go a night without her and her attention, I hoped. So I spent the rest of the day watching senseless TV shows and surfing the Internet as I always did. That night mom surprised me and brought over dinner and told me she would help me with a shower tonight since Stephanie was coming over in the morning. So I ate and showered and mom headed home.
I was still asleep when I heard someone knocking on my door. I yelled I would be right there and pulled on a pair of shorts and a shirt. I hobbled to the front door and saw Stephanie standing there with a small gym bag over her shoulder. I unlocked the door and let her in. She smiled and gave me a hug. I waved towards the kitchen as I returned to my room to put on more appropriate clothes. I also went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and all those fun morning things.
I went into the kitchen and saw Stephanie bent over in front of the fridge with her ass in the air. I had not looked at her that way before, but after everything with Tabitha I didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity. She stood up almost as if she knew I was in the room, of course she probably heard me. She looked up and smiled again.
“Sorry I came over so early. Your mom didn’t tell me what time you got up and I wanted out of the house so badly. I don’t even know what I am going to do today.” She stood in the doorway of my kitchen and I swear her breasts were a size or more bigger then when the last time I saw her.
“No worries Steph, it’s not like I can’t take a nap later. So how have you been? How is the baby doing? How are you adjusting to being a mother?” The next thing I knew she was crying. I didn’t know what I had said or what to do. I hobbled forward on my crutches and put an arm around her and gave her a hug. She leaned into my shoulder and almost knocked me over. I quickly moved my crutch and caught myself. She pulled away and started crying harder then ran into my living room.
I recovered and followed as best as I could into the room, she was on the floor crying. “Steph what’s wrong? What did I say?” She looked up at me and looked pathetic with tears streaming down her cheeks and her make-up running. She wrapped her arms around my good leg and hugged me. I reached down and helped her to stand then sat down in my chair.
She sat on the floor next to me and continued crying. I didn’t know what to do I was never good with such things. I just ran my hand over her shoulders as she cried and waited. After a few minutes she stopped and I handed her a box of Kleenex I had nearby as she blew her nose and tried to clean her face. She sat on the floor a few minutes composing herself. She looked up at me and smiled and then got up and sat in the chair across from me.
“I am so sorry. It has been a very difficult few months. I am such a wreck and depressed. The baby is fine she is so cute and looks like Greg. And being a mother has been fun, most of the time. Well if you take away all the puking, the getting peed on, the stinky diapers and getting little sleep. And the worst of all is the soreness.” She then looked down at her ample breasts and smiled oddly.
I looked at her then at her breasts and was a bit confused. I guess the confusion showed and she smirked a little. “You are such a man. I am talking about my boobs and you are clueless. Because I have been nursing Jessica my boobs are swollen with milk. If she doesn’t feed from me every so often the swelling gets to be too much and they get sore. I have started to express my milk and freeze it so Greg or I can use it at night and just warm it up, or when someone takes her for a couple hours. But they are still sore and well other things too.”
I looked at her and kind of turned my head, I had a feeling I was about to get involved in a part of her life I may not necessarily want to be involved in. I adjusted myself in my chair and listened, it seemed the best thing to do was to sit and listen. I looked at her and she squirmed a little and started telling me about the pregnancy and how Greg was great all through it. Then the birth of her baby and how everyone in the family was so excited. They helped out when she first brought the baby home, but then stopped.
She admitted that she was spoiled and had a hard time adjusting. She had asked for help and her family helped out some, then they started helping her less and less. She said she knew why and wasn’t upset with that. But was upset when she stopped asking for help and wanted company or someone to talk to and no one wanted to do so. She finally stopped asking and started to deal with it. She knew she was depressed and Greg told her she was depressed yet he didn’t want to do anything to help her either.
Finally her mother realized that they had gone overboard and needed to help before it got worse. So they had started by taking the baby every once in a while. She renewed her gym membership to help get back into shape. Greg still didn’t seem to have an interest in anything but the baby and what little Steph did to take care of her. Her needs were not being met and she kept asking Greg for attention and he just ignored her or told her he didn’t have time.
Tabitha had told her that I was still needed some help and wanting company so Steph volunteered when she heard my mom wasn’t able to help me this morning. Since Steph had nothing else to do and wanted company, she was glad to help. As she was still talking about her life changes, I couldn’t help to wonder what else Tabitha had told her. I knew that they were close. And I found myself getting erect and wondering what it breast milk tasted like.
“And what are you thinking?” Came from Steph as she stood before me I was lost in my own thoughts and didn’t realize she was in front of me. I looked her in the eyes and then at her breasts and back to her eyes. She smiled and pushed her chest out some. I was sure I was reading her right. She was horny and wanted, no needed a release. As she relaxed her chest she let out a slight moan of discomfort.
“Are you ok Steph?” She looked at me and I could see the discomfort in her eyes. “You can use my bathroom if you need to.” I got up and hobbled into the kitchen to start to get my meds figured out. I had watched my mom and I knew what I still took and what I didn’t. I got them all together and was reaching over for a glass when Steph came in and stood in my dining room, completely naked. Her breasts were so swollen I grimaced a little. She stepped forward and took my hand and placed it on her left breast.
I could feel how hard her breast was but I didn’t squeeze it at all. She looked into my eyes and I saw a tear slide down to her cheek. “Don’t you find me attractive at all?” I stepped forward as easily as I could and kissed her hard. I grabbed her other breast and took it into my hand as well and squeezed both of them gently. She moaned in my mouth and leaned into me. I pulled from her kiss and looked her in the eyes. I could see the lust and desire in them.
“Steph I think you are gorgeous, always have. But is this what you want? I don’t want you to regret this later.” She looked at me and her eyes smoldered with want and need. She pressed herself further into me and said nothing. I wrapped my hands around her waist and started to make my way to my room. I know she could feel my cock pressing against her and she pushed her thigh hard against it. I moaned a little and walked her to my room.
As soon as we were in my room I stopped and pushed her forward a step and then dropped my shorts. I wasn’t wearing anything under them and then pulled my shirt up and off. She smiled when she saw that my cock was not only hard, but also throbbing. I stepped forward and kissed her again, hard and passionate. As she leaned into me I did my best to keep my balance and felt her bare nipples touch my chest.
As we kissed my hands roamed over her back and down to her ass. She did the same and pulled my waist into hers. I pulled back and looked into her eyes, “I need to go to my bed before I fall down.” I pushed her in that direction and we fell onto my bed. I winced when my knee bent too much and she moved quickly. I positioned myself on my bed better and motioned her to come back to me. We continued kissing and my hands started roaming more of her body.
Before I knew it my hands were at her swollen breasts and this time I squeezed. She winced and then moaned then I felt a liquid trickle over my fingers near her nipples. I stopped kissing her face and looked at her breasts and nipples. They were amazing looking and her nipples were so hard. I leaned down and took one into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. That was all it took for the milk to start flowing into my mouth. It was somewhat sweat, yet a little sour too. All in all it tasted great and I could understand why a baby craved them so much.
She moaned with the release of pressure from her breast. I didn’t have to suck a lot after it started flowing, the sheer pressure of her milk kept the flow going and I continued to suck lightly and swallowed all that I could get. I let my mouth fill with milk then swallow as it filled again. I was amazed at how much milk she had. My mouth filled with her milk five times before I started sucking harder again and then got two more mouths full.
I pulled my mouth from her nipple and could see the difference between her breasts. She looked at me and smiled. I let my hand slide down her smooth and trim stomach and between her legs. She had a small amount of hair that I ran my fingers through. As a finger touched her hood and outer lips she moaned and pushed her hips upward. My finger was instantly wet and slide along her lips further. I moved it up and down her lips and around the hood at the top. She arched her body and moaned loudly.
As I fingered her wet pussy with one hand the other was busy squeezing her other swollen breast until I found the nipple and gave it a good pinch. She squealed with the pinch and moaned as her nipple squirted its milk. Her milk squirted out onto her stomach and my hand. As I squeezed and rolled her nipple more milk shoot forward and I even got a couple of streams to my face. I was lowering my head to between her legs, since her milk tasted so good I couldn’t resist tasting her other fluid too.
I could smell her pussy and my mouth watered. I kissed and licked at her flesh until I was between her legs. I looked up to her face and could see the lust radiate from like a beacon. I blew over her exposed labia and then pushed my head between legs. As soon as I could, my tongue flicked out and touched her hood. I could feel a slight swelling and smiled to myself. I hoped that her clit reacted the way I wanted and grow would nice and large.
I swirled my tongue all around her hood and then pushed it aside to tongue her clit. As soon as I touched it she moaned lustfully and her hands grabbed my head. I adjusted my body so my leg was on my bed once again and started to suck on her clit. I pushed it around with my tongue and felt it swell a little with the attention. Her moans started to get louder as I attacked and sucked her clit. Her hands wrapped within my long hair.
I stopped sucking on her clit and started to run my tongue along her engorged labia. Her moans again got louder and her hands pulled my head into her pussy. “Suck my cunt you nasty bastard!” She screamed as my tongue pushed into her labia and flicked along her opening. I sucked on her labia and then pushed them around with my tongue. My nose pressing against her swelling clit as her legs wrapped over my shoulders. Her hips were bucking as she tried to get me deeper into her cunt. My cock was so hard that it hurt as it pressed against my bed.
I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy and she screamed and her body started convulsing. I knew she was having her first orgasm and I continued to attack and suck at her exposed parts. With one hand on her hard nipple I continued to squeeze the milk from her swollen breast as I sucked and tongued her pussy. I licked at her lips and then sucked them into my mouth to taste her juices on her flesh. I sucked them into my mouth and flicked my tongue over them as she moaned in pleasure from the attention.
She continued to buck her hips up and down and push my face all over her pussy. My nose was rubbing from her clit to her slight bush of hair and back. My one hand was squeezing and pulling on her nipple and milking her breast. With my other hand I lowered it to her pussy and as I licked her clit I slowly pushed a finger into her opening. She squealed with delight as my finger wiggled inside of her. I sucked her clit harder into my mouth and twitched my finger against the spot inside of her pussy that is rumored to derive the most pleasure. As I moved my finger quicker and sucked harder on her clit once again I felt her body stiffen and her pussy gripped my finger. Her moan filled the room as her second orgasm crashed against through her body.
Her hands released my head and grabbed the sheets of my bed. As she did that I grabbed her hips with both hands and lifted her up so I could devour her dripping pussy. Her juices were all over my face now and dripping off my chin. As she came down off of her orgasm she started to push my head away and I lowered her back to the bed and moved out from between her legs. I rest on the bed to let my jaw and neck relax some as my hands slide over her body. I brushed across her still swollen breast and her milk shot from her nipple and covered my hand and her chest.
After her breathing slowed I moved back between her legs and once again started to gently lick at her. I let my tongue take full long strokes across her wet flesh as I collect her juices into my mouth. She purred with delight and as I touched her engorged pussy lips my nose brushed over her exposed clit. She almost screamed and pulled my head forcefully from between her legs. She breathed out, “Too sensitive!”
I moved away from her pussy and clit and started to lick the milk from her belly and chest. Once I was at the milking breast I took it into my mouth and started to suck and drain the milk from her body. As I did this her pelvis pressed against me and she again moaned in pleasure. One hand drifted down and brushed over her sensitive clit and she bucked her hips. My hand dipped down and I started to massage and rub her ass cheek.
I drained her breast of all its milk and licked across her chest. I looked into her face and could see a state of ecstasy in her eyes. I lifted up and kissed her gently. As she responded the kiss became more passionate and urgent. As I kissed her hard, my cock pressed against her thigh and she pressed against harder and harder. Finally, she broke the kiss, “I want that hard flesh inside of me, and I want it now.”
I didn’t hesitate and moved myself around and tried to get in position. As I tried my knee protested and I was not able to assume the missionary position. Instead I moved around so we formed a T position. I moved between her legs and placed my raging cock against her wet opening. As soon as my cock touched her lips she moaned and pushed down onto me. I was able to guide my cock a little and entered with ease.
As soon as I was completely inside of her she started bucking and pushing against me. Wanting all of me inside of her at the same time I let my hand glide down her legs and to her exposed clit. It was amazing seeing her as engorged as it was and I loved it. I ran a finger over her clit and she started to moan louder and press against me harder. We were fucking each other as hard as we could. As I looked up to her face I saw her grabbing her breast to keep them from flailing against her. As she pressed on them milk squirted from her nipples and landed on her chest and even some on my leg.
I grabbed her left leg and pulled her hard against me. She moaned and pushed back, my cock was throbbing within her as I pushed as deep as I could. Her juices were flowing all over our legs and pooling beneath her ass. I rolled my body up and over and was able to press further into her. As I got onto one arm I was able to force myself in deeper and pound into her pussy.
Her moans and screams filled my room and I was grateful that I had a house and no neighbors nearby to disturb. I pounded into her and she screamed louder and telling me to fuck her like a slut. I did as hard as I could and could feel my balls start to tighten. I told her I was about to cum and started to pull out. She moaned no and wrapped her leg tightly around mine and grabbed my arms with her hands. Her breasts started bouncing furiously against her chest and chin. Her milk was squirting out all over the place now.
She pressed herself down onto my cock and her pussy started to tighten around me. I knew was in the midst of her orgasm so I fucked her as hard as I could. Within a few seconds I felt my cum boiling up and into my cock and then jettison out into her waiting pussy. She screamed even louder when she felt hot blast after blast explode within her. My body started jerking as my orgasm rocketed out of me. As our bodies relaxed we both feel back onto the bed and let out sighs of pleasure and contentment.
We both drifted off to sleep and I woke up an hour or so later with my knee hurting a little from the position I was in on the bed. I rubbed my hand against Steph’s leg and she slowly woke up. She smiled at me and then helped me to get up off the bed. We then hobbled over to the shower and she helped me in the shower and got me nice and clean.
After the shower we got dressed and went into the kitchen to eat some breakfast. We were quiet while eating then when we finished I looked at her and said, “I hope you are ok with what happened. I don’t want you to think badly about any of it.”
She looked me in the eyes and responded, “I regret nothing, and do you think Tabitha will be okay with sharing you? Because I want it to happen again!” Her eyes were lit up with lust and joy and I smiled back at her.
“I guess we will just have to ask her huh. I knew you two shared everything, I guess you can share me too.” As I said that thoughts of the three of us together started to fill my mind and my cock started to thicken and grow once again. As I looked at my cousin Steph, she seemed to be lost in thoughts too and I wondered if they were the same.
“A penny for your thoughts?” I said and she smiled a wicked grin and said “Wouldn’t you like to know?” She then cleaned up the kitchen and made herself up and left without further discussion. I had a feeling there was going to be some fun times ahead.

-the end-

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I couldn't help but push my hips up a little, lifting my ass up off the bed, and hissing as my twenty seven year old aunt began stroking my hard cock.
I had just turned thirteen two months ago, and I had been fantasizing about sex, and masturbating constantly, but I had never imagined that something like this could happen.
“Do you like that Bobby?” she asked coyly. “Does that feel good sweetheart?”
I could only nod dumbly, my mouth hanging open as I panted, and watched my sexy aunt Glenda jacking me off.

It all started the day I got out of school for the summer, and came home to find my parents hovering around the computer, and talking excitedly.
“That's a really great deal.” my dad said.

“For a month cruising around the Caribbean of one of the nicest ships around? That's a great fucking deal.” She insisted, and when I realized what they were talking about I started getting excited too.

“No way!” I blurted out, dropping my book bag on the floor. “We're going on a cruise?”

My parents looked at each other, and an awkward silence descended on us.
Finally my father crossed the room, and placing a hand firmly on my shoulder he said, “Well actually son, your mother, and I are going on a cruise. You get to stay with your aunt Glenda for a month, now doesn't that sound like fun?”

I couldn't believe it.
My jaw dropped open, and I didn't even hear half of what dad was saying as he tried to explain to me that they needed some time alone as a couple, and blah, blah, blah.
The only thing that I could hear was, “You're being left out, tough break kid.”
“I can't believe you guys!” I exclaimed, and ran to my room, slamming my door, and throwing myself onto my bed.
I was so mad that I actually cried into my pillow, punching my bed.
This was such bullshit.

My mother waited a good hour before she knocked on my door calling, “Bobby?”

I wanted to just yell, “GO AWAY!”, but instead I sighed, and said, “Come in.”

She came in, and sat on the edge of my bed.
I was laying on my stomach, and wouldn't even look at her.
She sighed heavily, and said, “I'm sorry honey. I understand why you're angry, but please try to understand where your father, and I are coming from.”
I turned, and glared at her, but she went on. “We haven't gotten to spend a lot of time alone together since you were born, and well, you're becoming a man now, and you need to learn how to get along without us.”
She placed her hand on my back, rubbing me tenderly, and my glare instantly lost a lot of it's venom.
I knew in my heart that mom would never do anything to deliberately hurt me, and maybe I was being a little immature about this, but damn, a cruise really sounded like a lot of fun, and I just hated feeling like a third wheel in their lives.
To her credit mom was not only sensitive to this, but even sympathetic to the point that she said, “If it really bothers you that much we can skip the cruise, and do something together.”

I suddenly felt like a big jerk.
Mom, and dad had always been there for me, and I was acting like a spoiled brat.
As I looked at my mother's face, noting her genuine concern for my feelings, I realized that she was right, I was becoming a man, and maybe it was time I started acting like one.
“I'm sorry mom.” I said, tearing up a little. “You, and dad deserve a break. I'm just being selfish.”

She smiled broadly, leaned over, and kissed me on the cheek saying, “That's my man. I'm really proud of you, and besides I think you'll have fun at aunt Glenda's. She has a pool you know, and she's really looking forward to seeing you.”

I hadn't seen my auntie in five years since she'd moved to another town because of her job.
I used to have the biggest crush on her, and I remembered her doting over me like I was her own child.
She would hug, and kiss on me all the time, and tell me what a handsome boy I was, and in fact I remember her once looking at me, and saying, “Look at those pretty blue eyes. You're gonna be a little lady killer.”
She would always make me blush, and feel embarrassed, but I loved the attention, and I thought my auntie was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.
Maybe mom was right, and I would have a good time at aunt Glenda's.
At the time I couldn't even have imagined exactly how good a time I was in for, or I would have been begging to go to aunt Glenda's.

We all spent the next two days packing for our respective trips, and I called Judy to tell her that I wouldn't be around for a month which she wasn't real happy about.
We had been friends since we were kids, but now that we were growing up our relationship had been taking an interesting new turn.
We'd both started to really notice each other, and although we hadn't kissed, or anything yet, we both knew that it was only a matter of time.
The day I was to leave mom called me to the door with, “Judy's here to see you.”

When I got to the door she was wearing a little yellow sun-dress, and she was looking at her feet, seeming really sad.
Suddenly I really didn't want to go.
“So I guess you're gonna be gone for awhile.” she said meekly.

“Only for a month,” I reassured her. “and then I'll be back, and we can spend the rest of the summer together. I promise.”

She smiled shyly, and blushed a little before saying, “Don't forget me.”
Then she quickly stepped up to me, kissed me right on the mouth, turned, and run off giggling.
It really caught me off guard, and as I watched her run down the street I felt more excited, and sad than I think I'd ever felt before.
I wanted to hold her, and kiss her, and there was no way that I would be doing that at aunt Glenda's.
It really made me feel kind of depressed that I wouldn't be able to see her for a whole month, but the die was cast, and I would just have to suck it up, and try to enjoy myself anyway.

It took about two hours to drive to aunt Glenda's, and mom, and I didn't say much all the way there.
I think she knew how much I was going to miss Judy, and it was hard for me not to appreciate what a great mom she was for letting me sulk a little about a separation that seemed like a long time for a thirteen year old.
When we finally pulled into the driveway she turned to me, and said, “Come on Bobby, don't look so glum. You don't want your auntie to think that you're not glad to see her, do you?”
Then she grasped my chin, pointing my face towards hers, and continued with, “Now let's see that smile. You'll see, it won't be so bad.”
I smiled at her weakly, and she said, “That's my boy.” as she opened the car door, exited, walked up to the front door, and rang the bell.
I got my suitcase out of the car, and joined her on the porch just as my aunt opened the door.

“Hey Helen.” she gushed, rushing forward, and embracing my my mom.
They kissed each other on the cheek, and mom said, “High Glenda, how's my favorite sister?” and they both laughed at mom's little joke.
Glenda was her only sister.

“I'm good,” she replied, and then eying me dubiously she asked, “But does your husband know that you're running around with such a hot little stud?”

“High aunt Glenda.” I giggled, my cheeks flushing hot with embarrassment as I suddenly remembered why I'd had such a big crush on her.
Not only was she always building up my self-esteem, but she was drop dead gorgeous, and let's not mince words, she was built like a brick shit house.
Looking at the two of them together it was obvious that they were sisters, and although I could appreciate that my mom was a good looking woman in her own right, my auntie was a knock out.

She was wearing a skimpy little bikini, and as she joked, “Oh my goodness, is that my little Bobby?” releasing my mom, and pulling me toward her. “Give your auntie a hug boy.”
She embraced me, giving me a tight squeeze, and I have to admit that when I felt her full, firm breasts press up against me, I got a half a stock.
She gave me a little peck on the mouth, and said, “Why don't you take your suitcase into the guest bedroom, and change into your swim trunks. We're having a little pool party to welcome you.”
As I picked up my bag, and walked into the house she instructed, “It's the second door on the left sweetie.”

I soon as I got into the room I threw my suit case on the bed, opened it up, and fished out my swim trunks.
The bathroom was right next to me so I dipped in there to change.
As I began stripping I couldn't get aunt Glenda's sexy body out of my head, and by the time I got my clothes off I was standing there with a raging hard on.
There was no way I was walking out to the pool like this so a grasped a hold of my hard shaft, and stated stroking it.
I thought about sucking on my aunts beautiful tits, as she jacked me off, and then I imagined her wrapping her thick, luscious lips around the head of my cock, and sucking me off.
I knew that I shouldn't be thinking about my aunt this way, but she was just so fucking hot that I couldn't help it.
Not wanting to make a mess on the floor, I turned toward the toilet as I muttered to myself, “Oh yes auntie Glenda. Suck my cock.”
I felt my balls draw up, and as my cum began squirting out I imagined pulling out of her mouth, and covering my aunts beautiful face with my spunk.
“Uuuugghh, uuugghh, uuugghh.” grunted quietly to myself as I drained my cock of sperm, the image in my head of auntie Glenda licking my cum from her lips making me have to lean up against the wall for support as my orgasm finished off.

I stood there for I moment, panting a little as my head spun at how intense that had been.
Although I had been jacking off since I was nine, I had only started ejaculating last year, and it really surprised me the first time, but not nearly as surprised as I was right now.
I'd never had an orgasm like this before, and I suddenly wondered what it would be like when I finally had sex.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and my aunt's lilting voice followed, “Are you okay in there bobby honey?”

“Yeah, sure,” I called back, flushing my load down the toilet. “I just had to pee.”

“Well hurry up, and join us at the pool.” she sang sweetly. “Everybody wants to meet you.”

I quickly got my swim trunks on, and by the time I was ready to head out to the pool my dick wasn't hard anymore so I didn't have that to worry about, but who was “everybody” that wanted to meet me?
I got out to the patio where the pool was in the back yard, and my aunt started introducing me to her neighbors with more than a little bit of pride in her voice.
There were a few women, and a couple of men, but mostly kids swimming in the pool.
Apparently there were a lot of families living in aunt Glenda's sub-division, and she had invited some kids my own age over to make me feel more comfortable.
As I met, and chatted a bit with the adults I causally checked out the pool.
There were about ten other kids there, ranging in age from ten to fifteen I found out later, but it didn't take me long to notice that other than two other boys I was it, all the rest of the kids were girls, and not just girls, cute girls.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
Eight girls in bikinis splashing around in the pool, or lounging next to it, some of them even had boobs,
and I don't mean little mosquito bites either, I mean nice sized tits, but even the one's that didn't have breasts to speak of had cute asses, and the all had pretty faces.
Had my aunt done this on purpose? Was she trying to hook me up.
Almost as if to answer my question auntie Glenda said, “I'm sure you don't want to stand here talking to a bunch of boring old adults. Why don't you introduce yourself to the other kids.”

“Okay.” I said, grinning broadly, and heading toward the pool.

My aunt Glenda walked part way with me, leaned down kissed me on the cheek, and then whispered, “Go get 'em tiger.” patting me on the butt.
I looked at her, my jaw dropping a little, and she gave me a wink, before turning around to rejoin her friends.
Right there my auntie Glenda went from really cool to totally awesome!
I mean how many aunts would invite over a bunch of fine girls for their nephew to meet?

They all knew my name already, of course, and they were all really friendly as well.
They had all been living in this neighborhood for a long time, and knew each other well, so being I guy they'd never met before got all the girls interested.
In fact before long they were competing for my attention, and I was loving it.

Auntie Glenda grilled up some hamburgers, and hot-dogs, and laid out some beans, and potato salad, and stuff calling us all over the the big picnic table on her porch with, “Come on kids, I told your parents Id feed you, so eat up.”

The girls almost got into a little scuffle over who was going to sit next to me, and I have to say that I felt like a celebrity, but he older girls let in be known that they were in charge, so I had fifteen year old Trina with the big tits on one side of me, and fourteen year old Chrissy with the fine ass on the other side of me.
They were all trying to get me to make plans with them.
“You want to go ride bikes some time?” one would ask, and then another would pipe up with, “If you want to go to the movies my dad could drive us.”, or “We should go skating some time.”
I could already tell that these girls were going to be keeping me busy, but I wasn't sure which one I should thinking about kissing, maybe none of them, after all I did have Judy waiting for me at home, but on the other hand a lot could happen in a month.
I decided it was best to just go with the Vegas approach.
Whatever happens at aunt Glenda's, stays at aunt Glenda's.

After we ate, and stuff the other kids started heading home two, and three at a time, and each girl made sure that I had her cell number before she left, pretty soon I noticed that there was only one girl left.
She was sitting on the porch swing, her blue eyes shimmering in the twilight under her mop on short, dirty blond hair.
She looked to be about twelve, and her breasts were just starting to bud beneath the thin fabric of her bikini top.
“Don't you have to go home too?” I asked, casually tapping her bare foot with mine.

“No, well, I mean, I just live next door so...” she trailed off, looking down, and blushing a little.
She had caught my eye earlier by being the only girl not fighting for my attention.
I had took that to mean that she wasn't interested, but now I realized that she was just shy, and maybe a little calculating as well.
She must've known that the other girls would be going home before dark, and that she'd have her chance then.
I suddenly felt myself irresistibly drawn to her, so I sat down next to her on the swing, so close that our legs were touching, and I felt a little shiver of electricity run through me as our skin met.

“Charlie? That's your name isn't it?” I asked, attempting to hid my excitement at being so close to such a pretty girl.

“Uh-huh,” she nodded, blushing a little redder. “It's short for Charlene.”

I had always been kind of shy around girls, especially girls as pretty as Charlie, but for some reason I suddenly felt bold.
Maybe it was the fact of being out of my element, the effect of having had all those other girls fawn over me, or Charlie's shy manner, but I felt more confident than I ever had as I reached down, and grasped her soft, delicate hand in mine, and said, “Charlene's a pretty name.” then with my other hand I gently guided her chin up so that I could gaze into her deep blue eyes as I said, “It really suits you.”

“Stop,” she giggled, turning her head away. “You're embarrassing me.”
She bit her bottom lip, and as her face flushed hot I could feel my cock swelling in my swim trucks.
She sucked in a sharp breath as I leaned in, and kissed her on the neck, and then she turned her head back to look me in the face, almost pleadingly, and I knew what she wanted.
As my lips touched hers, it was as if she suddenly exploded.
She thrust her tongue into my mouth, and grasped my head, running her fingers through my hair.
I released her hand, and threw my arms around her lithe little body, squeezing her tight as we kissed passionately, our tongues dancing, and playing with each other.
I don't know how long we stayed in this intense lip lock, but by the time I hard a woman's voice call over the fence, “Charlie.” it was dark.
“That's my mom.” she gasped, and then quickly disentangling herself from me she said, “I have to go.”
She run to the back gate, opened it, and then turned, and said, “Glenda let's me swim in her pool whenever I want.” smiling shyly.

“Then I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other.” I shot back, smiling broadly.

“I hope so.” she giggled, and as the gate closed behind her I sighed, thinking about the possibilities that lay ahead.
My lustful reverie was interrupted by the sound of aunt Glenda clearing her throat.
I looked up to see standing at the threshold of the sliding glass door, and my cheeks flushed hot as I wondered how long she had been standing there.

“Come on you little stud muffin,” she said with a knowing smile. “Let's get this mess cleaned up.”

We put the left over food away, and loaded up the dish washer in relative silence, my aunt asking me the occasional question, and me giving brief, polite answers, still feeling a little embarrassed at having been caught kissing Charlie.
Then we settled down to watch a movie, but I found it hard to concentrate on the film's plot.
Not only was I thinking about Charlie, but my aunt was still wearing her bikini, and although she had thrown a light wrap around skirt on, her firm, full breasts were distracting me to no end.

As the end credits rolled aunt Glenda stood up, and said, “I'm going to take a shower.” and headed off to the bathroom.
I took this opportunity to retreat to the guest bed room, stripping off my swim trucks, and slipping under the covers.
I squeezed my hard cock as visions of Charlie, and aunt Glenda danced in my head.
They were so different from each other physically, but I found them to be equally sexy to the point where it was impossible for me to decide which one of them I wanted more.
I started stroking myself as I thought about Charlie's pert little titties, and tight, sweet ass, contrasting them with aunt Glenda's ripe melons, and thick, juicy behind.
Before long I was really jacking my cock off, sliding my hand quickly up, and down my throbbing shaft as I imagined the two of them naked, and licking my stiff penis together, tongue kissing each other with the head of my dick in between them.
Suddenly there was a light rapping at the door, and aunt Glenda called, “Bobby?”

“Yes?” I answered nervously as I stopped stroking my cock, and quickly sat up, making sure that I was covered.

She entered the room wrapped in a towel, and sat on the edge of the bed, asking, “Are you going to sleep already?”

“Um, yeah.” I said nervously. “I'm kind of tired.” I lied, faking a yawn.

She eyed me dubiously, and then without warning she pulled back the blanket to reveal my hand on my hard dick.
“Well,” she said, with a voice full of humor. “I think you're going to have a hard time sleeping with that big fat hard on.”
My mouth dropped open, and as she brushed my hand aside, and began touching my cock, saying, “My how you've grown.” I was dumbfounded.
She wrapped her fingers around my shaft, and, I couldn't help but push my hips up a little, lifting my ass up off the bed, and hissing as my aunt began stroking my hard cock.
“Do you like that Bobby?” she asked coyly. “Does that feel good sweetheart?”
I could only nod dumbly, my mouth hanging open as I panted, and watched my sexy aunt Glenda jacking me off.
Despite all of her playful flirting, and such, I had really not been expecting this, and I wasn't quite sure how to react, my penis suffered from no such doubt however, and it throbbed, leaking precum under her sensual attention.
She stood up, dropping her towel, and revealing her sexy naked body to me, and before I could even think to react to that, she sat back down on the bed, took my shaft in her hand, and then swirled her tongue over the head of my penis before taking it into her mouth, and sucking on it.

I grasped her head with both hands, burying my fingers in her thick, dark hair as I suddenly found my voice.
“Oh god aunt Glenda.” I moaned nervously. “You're sucking my cock.” as I began pushing my hips up to meet her hot, sucking mouth.
At my age any grown woman sucking my cock would have been hot, but the fact that it was my aunt, and knowing how wrong that was, seemed to make it even more intense.

She pulled her mouth off of me with a slurp, and then said with a chuckle, “Well hello Captain Obvious.” and I started to laugh too. It was, after all, kind of a silly, and redundant thing to have said, but then, she opened her hand, pressed her tongue flat against my shaft, licking slowly up to the tip before taking me back into her mouth, and really going to town on me.
So what started as a laugh became me hissing, and moaning.
The sight of my cock repeatedly disappearing into her mouth as she bobbed her head up, and down was almost as amazing as the way it felt.
Her hair was still wet from the shower, and it felt really silky in my hands as I massaged her scalp.
Auntie Glenda had skills, I mean, I'd never had a blow job before, but I couldn't imagine that it could get any better than this.
It was even better than I'd thought it would be, and as she continued to do these incredible things to me with her mouth I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching.

“Oh shit! I'm gonna cum.” I cried out, and that just seemed to drive her on.
She was pumping my shaft with her hand, and really sucking me hard.
It was almost as if she were saying, “Yes Bobby, yes! Cum in my mouth.”, and I was more than happy to compile.
As a matter of fact the way she was sucking me off I really didn't have much of a choice at this point.
As her other hand began fondling my balls I felt my cock throb, and I let out a loud grunt, squirting my thick sperm into her mouth.
“Uuughhoo, fuuuck, yeeeaahh,” I panted in ecstasy to the rhythm of my balls draining into aunt Glenda as she sucked, and swallowed my cum down like a real pro.
This was by far the most intense orgasm that I'd ever had in my life, and as it finished off I almost felt like I was dreaming.
I looked down, and met her eyes as she swallowed the last of my seed, and her beautiful face with her mouth suckling the head of my stiff penis was sexier than any porno I'd ever seen.
She pulled her mouth off of me with a slurp, and grinned up at me like the cat that swallowed the canary's cum before she began kissing her way up my chest, whispering, “Mmmm, that was yummy Bobby.”
Then she bit my bottom lip gently, pressing her hot body against me, still pumping the shaft of my cock , and then in the sultriest voice I'd ever heard she said, “Kiss me baby. Kiss me like you kissed Charlie.” and as I felt her soft lips against mine, her tongue probing my mouth, I tilted my head, kissing her back.
It was only my second real kiss ever, and although Charlie had been pretty good at it, she was an armature compared to aunt Glenda.
The way her tongue danced in my mouth, lightly, yet firmly as one hand moved up massaging the back of my neck while the other stroked my cock, her firm tits pressing against my chest was just fantastic.

Despite having just cum I was still hard as a rock, the advantage of being young I guess, but no, it wasn't just that, it was the way that aunt Glenda kissed, and caressed me.
She really made me feel like a man, and soon my hands were roaming all over her body.
Down her smooth, tan back until I had a firm, full ass cheek in each hand.
I gave them a good squeeze, swirling my tongue in her mouth, and she moaned, before breaking from our kiss, and saying, “Ooooo Bobby, you're making me all wet.”
She didn't have to tell me that, I could feel the moister as she rubbed her hot vagina against my leg.
“My pussy needs attention.” She whispered in my ear, and then rolled off of me, spreading her legs, and grasping my hand, guiding it down to her smooth, shaved labia.
It was like a shiver of electricity ran through me as she pushed my finger into wet slit.
It was so hot, and velvety smooth that it made my cock twitch, and my breathing became quick, and shallow.

“Here baby,” she cooed, suddenly lifting my hand up to my mouth, “Taste me.”
Of course I'd seen porn before, and I could certainly smell the musky oder of aunt Glenda's aroused vagina, but I'd never actually tasted a pussy before.
As she popped my finger into my mouth, I sucked her juice off, and it was like nothing I'd ever tasted.
The flavor was somewhat like the scent, musky, and slightly salty, but there was an odd sweetness to it at the same time.
It didn't take me long to conclude that it was the most amazing thing that I'd ever had in my mouth, and I wanted more.

I quickly positioned my self on top of her, and began fondling her full breasts, licking, and sucking on her hard nipples.
She squealed with delight, and then I looked up at her, and panted, “Oh god, I want to lick your pussy so bad.”

She bit her bottom lip, playing coy, and then she said in a breathy voice, “Oh yes Bobby,” burying her hands in my hair, and gently pushing me down. “Eat your auntie's pussy.”

I kissed my way down her tummy, and she spread her legs a little wider until soon I was hovering right above her sweet cunt.
With my face right down between her legs the scent was almost overpowering, and my head was swimming as I ran my tongue through her sweet creamy slit.
I crouched down, resting my forearms on her thighs, and pulling open her thick outer lips, before I started licking her stiff clitoris with a vengeance.
She rolled her hips, moaning, and gasping in surprise.
I whispered a silent thank you to my mom, and dad.

When I was ten my dad had caught me looking at Internet porn, and he'd tried to talk to me about it, but I was far too embarrassed.
“Look son, it's perfectly natural for a boy your age to be curious.” he'd said. “Is there anything that you want to ask me?”
I just shook my head, staring at the floor, and blushing.
There was no way I was talking to my dad about this, it was just too embarrassing.
The next day when I'd gotten home from school I'd found two books laying on my bed.
“The Joy of Sex”, and “The Sensuous Man”.
Needless to say I'd read them both cover to cover, and after that I felt confident that when I did finally have sex, I'd know what I was doing.
Of course I'd never imagined that my first time would be with my aunt Glenda, but I was learning that life was unpredictable.

“Oh god yes bobby!” she exclaimed, as I sucked her clit into my mouth, fucking her hot hole with my thumb. “I'm close baby, I'm close.”
Just knowing that I was about to make her cum was exciting beyond belief, and it set me to the task with renewed vigor so that before long I could feel her flesh quiver beneath me, her hips bucking up to meet my mouth as she screamed, “Yes, yes, oh god, yeeeees!”
I swiftly shifted so that I could rub her stiff clitty with my thumb, while my mouth sucked up the sweet juice she was pumping out of her beautiful pink hole.
I sucked, and swallowed as fast as I could, but she was cumming so hard that it was running down my chin.
Her orgasm finished off wit a loud shuddering moan, and as she lay there panting I continued lapping up her sticky, sweet cum.

Then she pulled my head up, and looking down at me with tears streaming down her face she cried, “Fuck me Bobby. Please baby, I need your cock inside me sweetie.”
How could I say no to that?
So I climbed up to mount her, and she reached down in between us, guiding the tip of my hard fuck muscle to the entrance of her hot pussy, and as I slide into her I thrust my tongue into her mouth, kissing her passionately.
Once I had gotten all the way inside her, and I could feel her sweet pussy squeezing the full length of my cock, I realized that there were tears in my eyes as well.
This was all just so fucking intense, no pun intended, that I was being carried away on a wave of emotion.

She wrapped her legs around me, rolling her hips as she pulled her tongue out of my mouth, and said, “My pussy tastes so good in your mouth baby.” before she began licking her juice off my chin, holding my face in her hands.
I couldn't stop my hips from thrusting, fucking my aunt Glenda to the rhythm of her rolling hips.
“Oh yeah Bobby,” she moaned, cradling my head on her shoulder. “You're such a good boy. Fuck me, fuck your auntie Glenda.”
As sick, and weird as it was, her words just turned me on even more, and before long I was really thrusting into her hard, and fast, our bodies slapping together as I pounded her hot pussy.
I had slid my arms around her, holding her body close, and tight as I fucked her.

It was, by far, the most incredible thing that I'd ever felt in my life.
I had always loved my aunt Glenda, and although I had never had any doubt that she loved me to, now as I felt her hot vagina taking my hard thrusting cock while she moaned, and cooed in my ear, her hands holding my head next to hers, it was like I could feel her love in a way I had never imagined, or even dreamed could be possible.
I was old enough to know that having sex with my mother's sister wasn't just extremely improper, but also illegal as well, and maybe that was part of what made it so hot, however it was more than that.
Knowing that my first time was with someone who really loved me made me feel so lucky, and grateful that I didn't want to just fuck aunt Glenda, I wanted to make love to her.
“I love you aunt Glenda.” I panted, and I genuinely meant it from the bottom of my heart.

“Oh Bobby” she moaned, kissing me all over my face. “I love you too baby.”
I started kissing her face too, and soon our tongues found each other again, and the way we kissed as we held each other tight, our hips grinding together, was like a ballet.
Time seemed to stand still, and I honestly can't say how long our dance went on, but I quickly lost count of the number of orgasms she had.
By the time I was ready to cum again we were both covered in sweat.

“I'm gonna cum.” I called out.

She tightened her grip on me, and panted, “cum inside me baby, cum inside me!”
Once again, how could I refuse?
As I felt my cock begin to throb, I thrust all the way up inside her, moaning loudly, and my cum pumping into her hot pussy.
“OH GOD YES BOBBY!” she screamed, and her wet cunt started flexing rhythmically around my squirting prick, milking me with her orgasm, her hot, sweaty body quivering beneath me.
It was like a light exploded behind my eyes as my sperm exploded into her sweet pussy, and it seemed like in that moment I could taste eternity.
It was the most beautiful thing that I'd ever experienced, and I never wanted it to end, but nothing lasts forever, and as the last of my cum drained into auntie Glenda's pussy I collapsed on top of her, exhausted.

“I love you auntie.” I sighed, resting my head on her chest as she held me tightly with her legs, and arms, her orgasm finishing off with a shudder.
She kissed me on my head, and as our breathing slowly returned to normal, I happier, and more content than I'd ever felt in my young life.
She slowly slid her legs down, wrapping them up in mine as she caressed my body with her hands.
It felt like she was tracing little patterns on my skin, and her soft voice whispered sweet nothings.
The effect of all this in the afterglow of our orgasms it made me feel like gratest lover in the world, and the things auntie Glenda was saying to me only added to that feeling.

“I can't believe that this is your first time Bobby.” she whispered incredulously. “That was so amazing. If I didn't know better, I'd think that you'd been doing this for years.”
I smiled shyly to myself, my cheeks flushing hot as she extolled my skills as a lover, and I supposed that she could feel the heat against her because she looked down at me, and asked, “Are you blushing sweetheart?”
I nuzzled even closer into her perfect breasts, giggling nervously, and she chuckled, “You are blushing. That's just adorable.”
After a moment she suddenly said, “Charlie's a really special girl Bobby, and I think that you can see that.”
I didn't think that I could blush any more than I already was, but I did, and of course aunt Glenda picked up on that because she said, “You don't have to be embarrassed, but she is young, and a virgin too, so you'll have to treat her with a lot of patience, and tenderness. Do you think that you can do that for me honey?”
I nodded my head with a giggle, and she ran her hands up, taking my face in both, lifting my head up, and looking me straight in the eye.
“Now I can help you,” she said seriously.. “But ultimately it's gonna be up to you to make her first time as special as she is.”
I suddenly got kind of choked up, and my chest felt tight.
I felt like I was being charged with some kind of sacred trust, and that I had the responsibility to be the best, most loving person that I could be, but on the other hand I really felt blessed, because with Charlie that wouldn't be hard at all.
I'd only just met her, but I had felt an almost magnetic draw towards her, and sure, I was a horny thirteen year old boy, but I had met a lot of girls that day.
When she'd been sitting there after the rest of them had left, and I'd walked over to her, although I didn't really foresee that we'd be kissing, I did kind of feel like something was gonna happen.
She just had that kind of mojo.
She was so smooth that it was only now that I could see how cleverly, and coyly she'd gotten me alone, and pulled me to her.

Now the thought of sex with Charlie by itself was incredibly exciting, but the fact that I was still up inside my aunt as she basically told me that she going to help me to have sex with Charlie, and really do it right, made it all the more intense, to say the least.
“Ye-yes ma'am.” I stuttered. “I'll do my best,”

She pulled my head in tight against her ample bosoms, and said, “I'm sure that you will sweetie.” kissing the top of my head.
So much had happened that it was hard to believe that this was just my first day here, and as I thought about what was in store for me in the days ahead it was impossible not to shudder with excitement.
I couldn't wait to see what would happen tomorrow.

-the end-